Video: DJ Wilson Playoff Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Class of 2014 Michigan commitment DJ Wilson had a great season with Capital Christian, leading his team to the Open Division State Championship Game. Here’s footage of Wilson in action during playoff play.

  • tgio24

    This video is just screaming potential!! Do we think he gets a red-shirt next year to add some needed weight?

    • Northern blue

      I think that depends on departures. If both Mitch and Glenn leave it’s hard to imagine him red shirting. In my opinion he is more prepared than Doyle. Just going off these videos however. Just think Doyle needs some conditioning work and to make adjustment to defence.

    • Kenny

      I guess that it might be a mid-season decision on whether to burn his red-shirt, like Levert.

  • countourzealous

    I had no idea he was that smooth and athletic.

    • kam

      very smooth and above average athlete!

    • mikey_mac

      He has some idea. His Twitter handle is @Lanky_Smoove.

  • kam

    If he really started hitting the weights from now until next season he’d get PT IMO. A 6’8 1/2 guy with those skills would be a almost perfect stretch 4

    • Northern blue

      Love his potential. Agree with everyone that he looks great and much improved in this video; however, I see a lot of posters say he has a great stroke and is stretch 4. Now I agree his stroke seems smooth, but I am just wondering since I rarely actually see him shoot too many long range jumpers – does he just have good looking mechanics or does he actually sink his jumpers in games and is that a part of his game that would be ready to go in AA or still a work in progress? For the record, I don’t think he needs to be exceptional at 3 point shooting to be a good player for us. But will probably need to be very good to be an nba prospect.

      • kam

        i agree 100%. i think he will be a 34-35% 3pt shooter at the start.. he will be alright. But as you said, improvement from long range would great

  • Mattski

    Looks better each time we’ve obtained a glimpse. This is the first time that I’ve questioned people’s statement that he was likely to RS. Usual provisos about him needing Big Ten muscle and all, but it seems like we might need him. Man, I’m just hoping that Mitch stays.

  • Wayman Britt

    He definitely has the hops, but needs the brawn. If Mitch and/or GR3 stay looks like he might redshirt otherwise he will be playing next year.

  • Northern Blue

    I think JB knew something a lot of casual observers didn’t in terms of this kids injury. Really seems like he is now athletically rounding back into form. Much more explosive, which makes sense with the combination of how fast he was growing and that injury.

    I think we will finally see the size on the court at the 3 and 4 spot. Two lengthy 6’7″ 3’s, one of which is still growing and can slide to the 4, and an extremely lengthy 6’8″ 4 man, all with decent athleticism and good ball skills. We will continue to get highly skilled guards that can create and as long as we can develop our 5 men, and now even our 5 men can stroke it! We saw what could happen when our 4 perimeter players were all good 3 point shooters. We may now have all 5 players as deep threats, which will be unguardable.

    Have to find a way to look after our back boards and with this size and Chatman and hopefully Wilson’s rebounding ability we are headed in right direction.