Video: Michigan’s Open Practice at Lucas Oil Stadium


The Wolverines held a loose open practice for the fans at Lucas Oil Stadium on Thursday in preparation for their Sweet Sixteen matchup against Tennessee. Below is a video of Caris LeVert, Nik Stauskas and others shooting corner threes with a very loud Mitch McGary playing defense.

  • Cory

    McGary looks good! I’d dress him! ;)

  • ChathaM

    I hope Zak doesn’t shoot like that tomorrow.

  • countourzealous

    I just watched Mitch McGary for 2 minutes straight and I loved it.

  • Burke_Does_Work

    Caris sure loves that left corner. I say we iso him in that spot every play and let it rip. If he shoots 50% over the course of the game, that’ll be 1.5 PPP. I’m willing to take that.

  • Indiana_Matt

    I was only able to attend the Michigan practice but the guy I sat next to (who was not a fan of any of the teams) said the organization and effort in the Michigan practice was much more fun to watch than either Tennessee or Kentucky. He said there was no order in Kentucky’s practice. They just shot around. Does that sound fair to anyone who was able to watch more teams than Michigan?

    • That’s kind of the whole point of those open practices (to just shoot around). There’s not much real purpose to them.

      • Indiana_Matt

        You are absolutely right. He just said Michigan was more fun to watch. I watched Butler’s open practice for their first Final Four and Michigan reminded me of them. Yes, just shooting around, but they also went through drills, etc. I am probably wanting to read more into a shoot around for the fans than what is really there :)