Video: Mitch McGary updates rehab status


Mitch McGary was available to speak with the media in the locker room before Michigan’s open practice on Wednesday at the BMO Harris Bradely Center in Milwaukee. McGary was one of the main attractions, despite not having played in a basketball game since December. The big man touched on a wide array of subjects, but here’s what he had to say regarding his rehabilitation:

“It’s good,” McGary said. “I’m back to running, back to jumping. This is the first week I was back to jumping. Just trying to get my legs back. I’ve just been shooting a lot, trying to get a feel for the ball. I didn’t touch a basketball for about a month, recovering and stuff. It’s just good to be back on the court, running and getting back in shape.”

  • Kenny

    if we make final 4, chances that he will play.

    • Cory

      I wouldn’t rule out seeing him a week from Friday. I’m a very positive thinker though!

  • anon

    I’m secretly hoping that this is master deception by Beilein and McGary is ready to go. Then he unleashes him on Duke and everyone else on the way to the championship.

    • Corporate greed

      I have been secretly hoping this also but not sure Beilein would handle it this way….too much character.

  • Drew

    He hasn’t touched a basketball in a month he is not coming back this season similar to Derrick rose last year

  • Chezaroo

    IMO, the next time we see Mitch on a basketball court actually playing, will be in the NBA.

    • Corporate Greed

      You are wrong, plain and simple….what has he shown the NBA this year? You can’t really go on what happened LAST year!

      • gobluenyc

        draft workouts are a real thing, you know.

  • asilverman

    Based on the subtext, there’s no chance he plays this year. He hasn’t even jumped. Hope he comes back, but wish him well whatever his decision.