A look back at the top moments of Michigan’s 2013 NCAA tournament run

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan is two days away from starting another NCAA tournament journey, but here’s a look back at the top ten moments of Michigan’s 2013 NCAA tournament run. From Trey Burke’s three, to Spike Albrecht’s explosion against Louisville, here’s our top ten captured in video.

1. Trey Burke makes 30-footer against Kansas

Is there anything else to say? This was the iconic shot from Michigan’s tournament run and Joe wrote a great story about the comeback in Dallas.

2. Spike Albrecht’s monster first half against Louisville

The ending was bittersweet, but Spike Albrecht’s first half was special to watch. To this day, Abrecht has only reached double figures one other time (10 points versus Arizona), but he had his moment against Louisville with 17 points.

3. Mitch McGary arrives in first weekend

Michigan limped into the tournament with a 6-6 record in its last 12 games, but everything changed at the Palace of Auburn Hills when Mitch McGary came alive. McGary dominated the weekend and accumulated 46 points 28 rebounds in two games.

4. Jordan Morgan takes a charge and caps Syracuse win with a dunk

Morgan had a rough tournament, battling through injury and the rise of Mitch McGary, but he was ready when Michigan needed him most.

5. Nik Stauskas makes six first half threes against Florida

Michigan escaped in the Sweet 16, but left no doubt in the Elite Eight. The Wolverines trounced Florida in a game that was essentially decided by halftime and Nik Stauskas had his only great game of the 2013 NCAA tournament.

6. Albrecht’s long bounce pass against VCU

This was a pass that only Spike Albrecht would make. A 35-foot, left-handed bounce pass through a crowd. But the pass reached its destination and Glenn Robinson III finished it off.

7. Albrecht’s steal and circus finish off of Florida’s inbound pass

It seemed that whenever Albrecht stepped on the floor he made some sort of highlight play during the 2013 NCAA tournament. This stretch helped ice away any chance of a Florida comeback.

8. Trey Burke’s block on Peyton Siva is whistled a foul

This was called a foul, but all 75,000 people in the Georgia Dome knew otherwise. Michigan’s Championship hopes would come up just short.

9. Hardaway’s reverse, two-handed windmill jam against VCU

VCU’s ‘Havoc’ full-court press wasn’t just defeated, it was destroyed. This dunk extended Michigan’s lead to 26 points and turned the final 10 minutes into a celebration.

10. Glenn Robinson III keeps the ball alive and makes acrobatic layup vs. Kansas

There were plenty of critical plays in Michigan’s comeback win over Kansas. Burke made contested jumper after contested jumper and Mitch McGary was rebounding and finishing everything, even with his off hand. But this basket by Glenn Robinson III late in the second half showed incredible hustle (by Jordan Morgan too), athletic ability and coordination, without it the shot might have never come to be.

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  • “The Wolverines trounced Kansas in a first half blowout…”

    You mean Florida.

  • Gordon

    Great memories. Hopefully we’ll see some more magic this year.

  • SteveM

    HM: Vogrich 3 vs Florida

  • jakelam2116

    You think Nik liked that left corner?

  • Justin

    HAHA goosebumps watching those highlights again. Burke block hurt, even Louisville’s bench knew that was a lucky break.

  • blackie6

    Good Stuff, thanks for posting…. it’s just surreal to watch that stuff still…. at least for me… I mean, Spike is all over those things…. SPIKE! Really reminds you how d@mn good McGary is too….

  • Awesome compilation. What a great run.

  • JimC

    Love this post!

  • jemblue

    So much fun to relive that. Great work!

  • Wayman Britt

    Can GR3 have a break out tournament run like Mitch did last year?

  • Fab 5 Legends

    best post of the year :) – last years run brings tears to my eyes – I was so pumped when morgan dunked to finish cuse, course trey is amazing – maybe my all time favorite mich player – size, determination & heart

  • gobluemd16

    Yup, this post is just so awesome and brings back incredible memories. What a ride last year was, can’t wait to see this year’s run.

  • gobluemd16

    I bet this will be covered at some point, but how far do you guys have Michigan going in your brackets? And since this is probably a different answer, how far do you realistically think Michigan will go?
    I have us back in the Final 4, even the championship game, but realistically think we may lose to L’Ville in the Elite 8.

  • Chazer

    Wow, great job guys!

    The Spike cross court left handed bounce pass on the run…..one of the best I’ve seen in College hoops ever!

  • sshow

    Thanks for posting again. I didn’t think I could be anymore excited about our tourney run starting again, but I am. Go blue!