Video: Nik Stauskas, John Beilein discuss Big Ten awards

Dylan Burkhardt

Nik Stauskas and John Beilein were interviewed on the Big Ten Network after collecting some All-Big Ten hardware. Stauskas was named Big Ten Player of the Year while Beilein shared the Coach of the Year award with Nebraska’s Tim Miles.

Beilein after the jump.


  • RB

    Is it just me, or does Beilein come off as a little slighted by his peers having been overlooked for COY.

    • Sanidin

      I got the feeling he thinks the media awards are pointless. He only cares what the other coaches think, and he’s been talking about miles for COY all season.

    • Mattski

      I don’t get that at all. Very self-effacing person, though. He may be even more about the team than Bo was.

      • geoffclarke

        Such a truly humble man. Did not seem interested in talking about “his” accomplishments, but his face lit up when talking about his players.

    • ShamrockCat

      I think it’s just you. He just doesn’t care what the media thinks & I think he believes Miles deserves the honor, end of story.

    • Ben Sheler

      I feel like he probably expected the coaches result/doesn’t care. Are Izzo or Crean going to vote for beielein over miles? Probably not, and that’s two votes lost in what would have been close polls.

  • mmmmFAZpizza

    wow. what an amazing accomplishment by nik!

    i imagine that he will enter the draft after this season, and i totally support that. well deserved. thanks for being a spartan KILLER!

    Caris or Mitch for POY next year to make it a hat trick!

    • kam

      if mitch comes back

      • Dr_ZC

        Mitch’s case is a no brainer. There was some doubt on NBA GMs minds before his injury that Mitch could be a lottery pick, as he did not have many games under his belt to justify his draft position. With his injury this year, the ball will be in Mitch’s court to show that he has recovered completely and that he can play at the same level as he did in the tournament last year. I am not sure he will be ready to show his skills at the NBA combine, should he decide to come out. Another year with Glenn, Caris, Irvin and Whalton, where he can be the main scoring option, will take care of any doubts.

    • ShamrockCat

      Will be sad to see Nik go, but I think it’s the right “business” decision for him. I do hope he will finish his U-M degree regardless. NBA is for a dozen years – maybe, if all goes well, no injuries, etc – but you need a career after that and you need an education for a lifetime. Nik has worked so hard, i’d be delighted if he stayed, but don’t see it. Either way: Michigan Man for life. I don’t expect Mitch to stay either. Maybe I’m just preparing for the worst, since I’d be over the moon if one or both came back!

      I do hope GRIII will commit to another year, put in the kind of monster work Nik & Caris did last summer and be a real contender for B1G POY next year He is arguably the most naturally gifted athlete Michigan basketball has ever had and I’d like to see his flashes of brilliance turned into absolute domination next year. Getting just B1G Honorable Mention should be plenty of motivation. I think he needs more maturity and confidence before going pro and another year under Beilein would be just the ticket.

      What a great TEAM this has been. Have loved watching them play. Can’t wait for the tourneys! GO BLUE!