2014 Big Ten Tournament bracket finalized, Michigan to open against Indiana or Illinois

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will open the Big Ten Tournament on Friday at noon against the winner of No. 8 Indiana and No. 9 Illinois (Thursday, noon, BTN).

The Wolverines are the No. 1 seed in the tournament after winning the conference outright by three games. Michigan could face No. 4 Nebraska, No. 5 Ohio State or No. 12 Purdue in the semifinals on Saturday. Here’s the full bracket:

  • Gordon

    Can’t ask for a better draw. Let’s win this thing and make a case for a 1 seed!

    • Dustin Stone

      ehh i really don’t wanna face Indiana again

      • KRN

        Might not have to. No guarantee they get past Illinois.

      • Gordon

        I’m with you there, but seeing MSU, Wisco, and Iowa all on the other side of the bracket is huge. And the other three teams with byes are looking at playing OSU, Iowa or Minnesota in their first games.

      • Champswest

        I think Illinois will beat IU. Indiana has played well against the upper tier teams, but struggled against the lesser teams. Plus, Illinois is playing well winning 4 of their last 5.

  • Indiana_Matt

    I really hope we win it. But if we aren’t going to win it, my preference would be to not make the final so we get an extra day of rest. Weird thing to think, perhaps.

    I just can’t wait to see John Beilein’s game plans for whoever we face in the Dance.

    • Burke_Does_Work

      No, I totally agree with you. I’ll take a semifinal exit so long as it’s not to Ohio State.

    • guestavo

      emphasis on win it

  • gobluemd16

    This doesn’t set up well for me trying to watch in the office on Friday.. guess I am going to have to take an extended “lunch” break

  • mistersuits

    RPI Watch:

    Michigan at 9.

    Stanford at 43.
    Iowa down to 46!
    Nebraska at 50… even after Wisconsin win!
    Minnesota at 51.

    Sometimes ranking systems boggle me.

    Root hard against: Pittsburgh (45), Kansas State (47), Xavier (49), Missouri (52), Georgetown (53), and Providence (54).

    • Michigan4

      I think those were old numbers because after Nebraska beat Wisconsin they moved up to 41. Stanford is now 43, Iowa is 49 and Minnesota is 51. I’d say as long as those 4 (though Iowa can lose as the 1-1 record vs. them is a wash) win one game in the conference tourney(s), they should be solidly in the top 50.


  • rlcBlue

    Interesting that our first game next week will be a rematch of one of this week’s games – which side will benefit more from the familiarity? I guess it’s a little better than seeing Penn State or Northwestern – we haven’t played them in so long I’ve forgotten what color uniforms they wear.

  • kam

    i hate playing IU….

  • Mattski

    Weird to have six days’ prep time but not know who you’re playing. What does Beilein do? I’d say work on fundamentals and practice for IU, with the assumption that you can outshoot Illinois. Other opinions?

    • Zach Vandenberg

      well fortunately they just played both teams, so it doesn’t seem too bad

  • Jake

    It’s amazing that in the history of the BTT, UM has never played MSU… and the chances are pretty bad again this year.