Video: Matt Painter, Purdue players react to home loss against Michigan


Purdue coach Matt Painter, Terone Johnson, Rapheal Davis and Ronnie Johnson met with the media following Purdue’s  tough loss at home to Michigan on Wednesday night. Painter discussed what he felt his team could have done better on the final play, how they held Michigan in check for most of the game and more. You can watch the full press conference using the embedded media player below.

Purdue players after the jump. 

  • Burke_Does_Work

    Kind of feel bad for the players, but I guess you win some, you lose some, that’s just how it goes.

    • Two really tough home losses to Michigan for Purdue in the last two years.

  • mich

    what a dumb question from the reporting asking him what he was thinking when glenn went up with the shot. I mean really, Come on, what do you think he felt like after it went in?

    • mich


  • A2MIKE

    I am sorry but I have zero empathy with you guys and simply no sympathy for Purdue.
    They woof more than any team I can remember in a long while. And to make matters worse, they are not a good team, have poor discipline, and lack complete games on the whole, up and down the roster.
    Last year, up 12, Terone Johnson started woofing at Burke after having a similarly hot night from distance. Burke awoke and took control over that game. The only other time I remember Burke having that look in his eye was v. Kansas in the tournament.
    This year, up 21-20 at Crisler, after a nice run to gain the lead, they started woofing again. Michigan awoke and put them in their place.
    Again this year, Davis, and both Johnson brothers started woofing. Bardo even commented on it during the broadcast, saying, “watch the matchup between Walton and Ronnie Johnson, as Ronnie seems to be talking some trash”. Davis started woofing after a couple nice rebounds and put backs.
    Matt Painter, even made a glancing blow at Beilein, saying, “It’s hard to be good at a defense you don’t practice”. Really, Matt? So, that must explain why your team is so poor on offense and defense, you don’t practice. Even if true, that Michigan doesn’t practice the 1-3-1 regularly, you don’t say that about another team.
    On a list of unlikable coaches, Painter is right up there with Crean and to a lesser degree, Matta. I dislike Izzo greatly, but I respect him greatly as well, because he does it the right way and just has an irrational hatred of Michigan. I get that.
    Sorry to be such a downer, had to get that off my chest. First thing I learned playing high level basketball, is don’t woof if you can’t back it up. And Purdue, can’t back it up. That much is clear.