Video: Tom Izzo discusses loss at Michigan


Michigan State coach Tom Izzo addressed the media following his team’s 79-70 loss to Michigan at the Crisler Center on Sunday afternoon. The coach talked about the injuries the Spartans have dealt with, Michigan’s offensive explosiveness and much more. You can watch the full press conference using the embedded media player below.

  • mazs

    What? State has injuries?

    • Davester

      Hadn’t heard. I’m still waiting for Izzo to inexplicably win COY again a la 2012 due to said injuries.

  • Chezaroo

    When do the annual Jizzo to the NBA rumors start again?

    • Mattski

      Been underway for weeks–word is the Pistons would like him. Probably his last chance.

      • Chezaroo

        Hope it happens and the chirping about him leaving gets rolling. Helps us out on the recruiting trail hopefully.

  • Champswest

    Did everyone in that interview room have a cold? I could hardly hear Izzo for all of the coughing.

  • sshow

    It’s just too funny when the lights nearly go out near the end of Izzo talking. It’s like the black rain cloud following the boy with bad luck.

  • GTFOmycourt

    Davester–I have been irritated about Izzo winning coy in 2012 for 2 years! How could Izzo have even accepted that award. It made no sense….