UM Hoops Podcast 2.6: Josh Bartelstein, Grantland’s Mark Titus


Michigan is in the midst of a bit of a slide at the moment, but the Wolverines are looking to bounce back from a blowout loss at Iowa with a win over Ohio State in Columbus on Tuesday. Dave and I met up to take a look at what exactly is ailing Michigan, how Nik Stauskas can return to his early-season production and what needs to happen for the Wolverines to get back on track defensively.

  • The always-informative Josh Bartelstein is our first guest. Josh always has some illuminating points to make about what we’re seeing from Michigan, and today was no different. We got into what Josh has seen from Nik Stauskas recently and what the sophomore needs to do to get back on track. He also touched on how a team recovers from a loss like the one at Iowa, alluding to last year’s devastating loss in East Lansing as an example. Stay tuned near the end of the segment to hear some really interesting discussion about Ohio State’s possible defensive strategy around Stauskas. Great stuff from Josh, as usual.
  • Later in the show, we talk with Mark Titus, a staff writer for Grantland and creator of the Club Trillion blog. As anyone who is familiar with Mark’s work on his blog or his writing on Grantland knows, he is a very entertaining guy. He joins us to talk a bit about his journey from the end of the bench on the Ohio State basketball team to working for Bill Simmons covering college hoops. We talk about basketball rivalries, Thad Matta and more before finally getting around to examining Ohio State and what Michigan needs to do to secure a victory in Columbus. You don’t want to miss this conversation.

The songs were all J Dilla in celebration of his birthday, which was February 7th. In order: On Stilts, Fire Wood Drumstix, Time: The Donut Of The Heart.

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  • arsenal926

    Awesome podcast! Also like Joe said you should really go out and buy his book if you can. The stories about That Matta are hysterical and you also get some great insight on how other players view teams/opposing coaches around the B1G.

  • Mattski

    Nice just to be reminded that Nik is only a sophomore. We expect a lot from these kids.

  • jakelam2116

    Great podcast, Joe. Love the back-and-forth with Titus. His book is definitely worth a read — highly entertaining. Man knows his hoops, too. Really thought the point he made comparing Ross and Robinson was spot-on.