Nik Stauskas Video Scouting Report

Dylan Burkhardt

Draft Express goes in-depth on Nik Stauskas with the detailed scouting video above. The good: “premium that teams are placing on perimeter shooting in today’s NBA has put Stauskas in an enviable position as a draft prospect.” And the bad: “concerns still exist among scouts regarding his lack of upside defensively, due to his unappealing combination of poor length, average frame and mediocre lateral quickness.”

  • AADave

    Anybody who passes on him will regret it.

  • Chris De Sana

    I hope Nik see this video and it makes him a better player

  • Chazer

    Yea most GM’s did not impress last year….. Cleveland…seriously you blew it! Houston, Detroit….its a crap shoot!