Report: Dante Exum still plans to visit Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

Australian guard prospect Dante Exum has been widely assumed to be leaning toward the NBA Draft but told ESPN’s Jeff Goodman that he still plans to take five college visits.

Exum wants to visit Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan and Oregon.

Goodman admits that conventional wisdom is still that Exum will declare for the draft.

“Prevailing thought among NBA types is that Dante Exum will wind up putting his name in NBA Draft,” Goodman tweeted. “But still going thru recruiting process.”

Exum is projected as a top five pick in the 2014 draft and is a dynamic scoring guard. Indiana has been recruiting Exum the longest while his father played at North Carolina. Exum averaged 18 points, four assists and four rebounds per game at the FIBA U19 Championship in July.

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  • DingoBlue

    I won’t get my hopes up too much, NBA money is hard to say no to, but good to know that we will at least get a visit as it stands now.

    • section13row15

      I just think its stupid for guys like Blackmon (and Exum) to go through this process just to get five free trips out of it, only to reconfirm what was anticipated in the beginning. Not sure how its avoidable but I think it’s wrong. I hope Exum isn’t doing the same thing…just a waste of everyone’s time and money.

      • If I was advising a 17 year old kid I’d want him to make sure. It’s worth a trip paid for by the University, no doubt.

        Tough not to take him at his word that he legitimately wants to explore colleges in America…

      • guestavo

        Free meals, beautiful women, parties, scenic campuses, the greatest nation on Earth… not sure what isn’t making sense?

  • guestavo

    Man, he probably will declare, but imagine Exum/Levert/Stauskas trio? That’s more deadly than Burke/Hardaway/Stauskas imo.

    • Chezaroo

      Lot of GMs have him top three. No way he passes that up.

      • guestavo

        We’re SO FAR from the draft. I’ve followed the process for the past 10 years and NEVER has the actual draft resembled the mocks in December. With that said, I expect him to declare. Just having fun envisioning that trio out on the court.

  • guestavo

    Also, with Caris being the age of a true freshmen, where do you think he would have been ranked in the 2013 class with his current skill-set? Obviously, the college regiment helped some but still just a thought experiment.

    • Kam

      4 star imo…

      • Kam

        He was a 2 and 3 star he’s had this skill set since high school.. he’s just grown 2 to 3 inches and gained like 30 pound so it makes it easier for him to do these moves. I live in ohio and watched him… I’m not shocked by his growth nor are very many others who knew him.

      • guestavo

        I’m thinking if Irvin was a borderline 5 star and Levert is better and only a few weeks older. Checked the 247 composite and ESPN, he is younger and more productive than 90% of that class. In a bizzaro world, a top 15-20 player. Could end up top 10 if he keeps on this trajectory.

        • Kam

          Its crazy how he’s soo young!

  • Alex

    It would be really tough to day no to Lottery Pick money. However, if you get picked that high and don’t start producing pretty much right away then you may have a shorter career. I do think having a year in college to build your brand and show some of the potential in action could be beneficial but obviously he has to do what is right for him. Pros and cons to both paths.