Video & Quotes: John Beilein talks loss to Charlotte

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein talked about the closing moments of Michigan’s loss to Charlotte on Sunday evening. The Wolverines came back to tie the game with under 10 seconds to play before giving up a tip-in in the final seconds. Watch Beilein’s full comments in the embedded media player below.

Quotes after the jump.
“Well, another March game played in November. Charlotte was really good; I was really impressed with their personnel and defense. They played a terrific game. Pierriά Henry did a great job on Nik Stauskas. He’s a really, really good defender. I think he’s one of the best defenders in the Atlantic 10. We’re embracing this and saying, ‘What a great opportunity to grow?’ We had adversity tonight like we hadn’t had, and we just kept plugging away, it’s all good. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s all good to come into that environment, play as hard as we did and fight back to have a chance to win.”

“We had two starters out for most of the game. The first two fouls on Caris (LeVert) were a tough break for us, then Glenn (Robinson III) goes down, then we can’t make a shot. Here’s what I like: I like that Zak Irvin didn’t stop shooting even though he couldn’t make a shot, because he hit a huge one for us late and in the first half. So these are all things that I see positive from the loss.”

Jordan Morgan went in there and played his tail off. He had five offensive rebounds, he worked so hard. He had a big bucket for us and made two huge foul shots. I’m really happy for him becauase finding playing time with Mitch in there is tough.”

“I don’t know if I’ve seen a better offensive rebounder in all these years. That kid (Willie Clayton) is unbelievable, number 21, Clayton.”

  • Kam

    ONE MAJOR problem i have… Why does JB feel with 2 fouls he needs to sit a guy the rest of the half? I understand siting him until maybe the 7 or 8 minute mark of the first half and if he gets another then sit him again. But NOT the entire first half. Caris ended with 2 fouls… Its obvious only two people can create their shot on this team and thats Nik and caris. When it was just irvin the offense was a mess. Caris is just really good getting into the lane and finding people. PNR with caris/Nik and mitch worked often yet they rarely use it

    • Kam

      oh and glenn is really important in a way bigger than scoring. he can play the 4… Irvin can NOT. Glenn can at least play it adequately

      • michiganman01

        Glenn was hurt but I agree about the whole Caris thing. Nik needed more help in that first half.

        • Kam

          I know glenn was hurt i was basically saying it showed how irvin couldn’t do

    • Champswest

      I have been disagreeing with this foul strategy for years. Both LeVert and Walton ended with only 2 fouls. Playing them more could have been the difference. If you sit a guy, it is the same thing as if he had fouled out.

    • guestavoe

      Agree with all of this.

    • ChathaM

      I agree as well. Beilein treats a 2nd foul partway through first half the same way he’d treat a 4th foul partway through the second half. The two situations are vastly different, and they should be treated differently. I can understand the strategy with a big man, as they can simply end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and easily pick up a 3rd foul. But, guards; no way.

  • bballcoach

    and if he puts Levert in and he gets 3 or 4 then “he should never have put him back in” Last year in the tourney run, Beilein put kids back in with 2 in the first half. This was early season, good excuse to play some other guys and see what they could do.

    • guestavoe

      You sit him at 3.

  • mich

    I dont see this as a good loss. We still have tough games to face including conference play. I also dont get why Nick was in the game late. It was clear he couldn’t move on the defensive end and Charlotte took advantage of that and costs us buckets.

    • Who would you put in if you take Nik out?

      • Kam

        two big line up. spike caris irvin jon/morgan and mitch

  • guestavoe

    I do think it’s time the NCAA goes to 6 fouls with the new rules.

  • Eric Cedo

    Where did the 1-3-1 go in the Charlotte game? Against FSU it completely changed the game in the last 6 minutes. Against Charlotte they didn’t employ that defense one time. Very puzzling.

    • Beilein answers this exact question in the press conference above.