Ricky Doyle scores 20 points in 18 minutes

Dylan Burkhardt

Watch 2014 Michigan commitment Ricky Doyle score 20 points in a shortened game against Fort Myers early this season. Video via Scarberry Media.

  • AC1997

    Things I like from this video:
    — No missed Free Throws! (pay attention McGary & Morgan)
    — He didn’t need easy dunks to score a single point
    Things that concern me:
    — I’m not sure there is such a thing as an “easy dunk” for him. He didn’t seem to elevate at all around the hoop and seems like a below the rim center for sure. Josh Asselin 2.0 maybe?

    • mikey_mac

      Yeah, great skills, but gotta work on those ups. He looked virtually anchored to the court.

      • goblueswfl

        no one mentioned that this game was canceled due to air condition went out and the floor was like ice skating rink and Ricky couldnt dare to jump!! he had 23 pt in 18 min and game was stopped with 6 min remaining in 3 rd Q. his two preseason game he had 37, 34, 12 dunks.. so he in defiantly not anchored to the court!!

        • mikey_mac

          That’s good to know. Looking forward to seeing more from Ricky.

    • FL Wolve

      It’s too bad he’s not 3 inches taller. He reminds me of a shorter Ben Cronin.

      • Chris

        Hasn’t JB mentioned that Doyle’s father is 7’1? Could grow a couple more inches before he’s at UM.

    • Fresh

      look at other youtube videos……he is never going to be super athletic, but its not a struggle

  • Chris De Sana

    Big body with a very nice shooting motion, like others seems to need to work on being more athletic but he does use his big body well. At least against the talent level he is playing right now.

  • Brad S

    (O’)Doyle rules!

  • Champswest

    Has a good mid range shot already.

  • Wayman Britt

    Very nice form on his FT. Definitely won’t jump out of the gym, but has good footwork.