Video: John Beilein reacts to Michigan’s win over Long Beach State

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein met with the media after Michigan’s 85-61 victory over Long Beach State. The coach discussed Michigan’s three-point heavy offense, defensive lapses and the upcoming Friday matchup against VCU or Florida State.

Our player reaction video was cut short due to technical difficulties but here’s Nik Stauskas and Caris LeVert’s initial thoughts on Michigan’s win.

  • gobluemd16

    I thought I had commented on the preview but the message didn’t go through. Beilein mentioned it, but Iowa State is really legit, their win against BYU last night was super impressive as BYU is pretty good, too. Makes our loss to them look even better to me. VCU down 12 at half, so looks like we may play florida state who is HUGE. Going to need Mitch, so I am glad he only played 14 mins tonight