Video: Mitch McGary, Nik Stauskas react to loss at Iowa State

Dustin Johnston

Mitch McGary returned to action and Nik Stauskas notched 20 points and six assists but it wasn’t enough as the Wolverines lost at Iowa State on Sunday evening. Both players were available to discuss the game with the media after the final horn. Watch in the embedded media player below.

  • Chris

    This really felt like a coming out game for Stauskas. He had been playing well against lesser competition, but to play this well against good competition in a hostile environment was sooo impressive. He keeps this up and I’ll be worried about him leaving with GRIII and McGary.

    • gobluemd16

      With that said, GRIII’s game tonight definitely didn’t help in impressing scouts. Gotta let the came to you, Glenn!

      • Chris De Sana

        Game as well

    • Burke_Does_Work

      I love Stauskas. He knows when to be aggressive and in my opinion, is the most mature player on the team right now. Just watching the press, you can see that confidence, where as last year he might’ve been down on himself. He has really progressed since last year. Oh and let’s not forget that monster slam! Man he really got up for that one.

  • RealRecognizesReal?

    Love the way these guys answer questions. Especially Stauskas, as he said most all of our 3s tonight were good open looks and usually those shots fall, and most importantly they will.

    This is a fabulous learning experience, especially for the young guys and learning how to handle high pressure environments. I thought Walton looked poised and minus a few freshman mistakes played a solid game. Irvin looked a little…more shaky then his freshman counterpart but it’s youth, he’ll come along I’m not worried about him one bit.

    McGary and Stauskas and LeVert will carry us early as GR3, Walton, and Irvin find their feel for the game. This team is…so incredibly young its almost hard to believe and this loss will allow for sooo much growth. This film will be invaluable IMO.

    I wish JMO and Horford could actually do more…being they’ve been in the program for 4 years. Horford has no sense of urgency and needs to play with more fight. He’s just too passive but to complain about this is redundant (see last 3 years) and JMO…we pretty much know what we’re gonna get from both of these guys night in and night out…mediocrity. They’ve reached their ceilings and they’re average, that’s all they need to be for us to be successful, their progression could be game changing but at this point in their careers they are what they are. I’m happy they both have provided stability and average play throughout their careers. That’s more then I can say about ALOT of guys who have come before them.

    This team has essentially all the components. As they grow and gel they’ll only get better. If I could complain about one thing…I wish we’d have tried some zone defense. If only to prevent the constant pick-switching which REPEATEDLY lead to easy back downs of Levert and even GR3 for the Iowa State bigger players who were very comfortable down on the post. But lets be honest, if you tried to play any defense you were immediately whistled for a foul so I’ll excuse Levert (whos still a bit undersized to be down on the block defending) and GR3 (sorry man no excuses, buck up and assert yourself as you’re clearly the most superior athlete on the floor) for getting dominated down low.

    This officiating is sure going to make for an interesting year. The free throws MUST get better :) And this team is going to have to ATTACK the basket more if they want to take advantage of the officiating, otherwise they’re handicapping themselves offensively.

    The shots will start to fall and Puerto Rico is looming as is Duke. Chalk them all up to learning experience. What matters is March and my bet is this team will be a TOUGH out come then :)