State of the Blog: Season Seven

Dylan Burkhardt
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Somehow, we’ve reached the start of our seventh season and the journey has been incredible.

Michigan won more than three times as many games last year as they did during this blog’s first season and we’re happy to say that we’ve managed to grow at a rate even faster than that.

Read our our entire preseason update and the details of our preseason fundraiser after the jump, or contribute using the buttons to the right.

Running this site has been more fun than I ever could have imagined – let’s just say I never expected to cover the National Championship game – but it’s also been more work than I ever imagined. I am sure Joe, Dustin and everyone else that has helped us along the way agrees: this is a labor of love, but labor nonetheless. Balancing that work with real life, a “real job”, and other commitments is difficult but something we could never forgo.

We’re confident that we’ve consistently raised our coverage standards over the past seven years. What started as a rag-tag venue to share my rambles on Michigan basketball has grown into an operation providing first-hand coverage, recruiting and analysis about Michigan basketball that can compete with anyone.

We had in-person coverage of every Michigan game (other than Ohio State, who refuses to issue us credentials) and that took us from Ann Arbor to New York City (twice) to Dallas and of course to Atlanta for the Final Four. The experience was amazing, the travel bill was high.

We’re constantly looking to improve this site and have put every dollar that we raised in last year’s donation drives back into the site. That includes traveling to the Final Four (the fun part), to AAU venues scattered across the country, and adding new features to the site (like our message board). Expenses add up faster than we’d like to believe. The costs of audio and video equipment, gas, airfare, hotels, freelancers and technology all pile up quickly.

In an industry that’s dominated by the subscription based model, we continue to offer up free content and we want to stick to that. But unfortunately we can’t make enough to keep things afloat without your help.

This site would have been nothing without those of you that donated in the past and like, share, retweet, comment and read our stories every day. But we still need your help. Last year we set an ambitious goal and were floored when you helped us reach it. We want to continue to push the envelope this season and are setting our donation goal at $15,000.

Donations can be made securely through WePay or PayPal below.

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Any contribution, large or small, is appreciated and we are thankful for all of your support. In return, we promise to continue to bring you everything you are familiar with while expanding our coverage this season.

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  • Daniel

    Dylan, what would have to happen in order for umhoops to be a full-time job for you? Selling T-shirts? A Subscription model? Massive kickstarter? a HTTV-like publication?

    • Fair question. Tough to answer. That’d obviously be a huge step.

      A subscription model might work but we don’t really want to go that route right now and haven’t really looked into it. On our current trajectory, I think it would require more growth to reach a point where we could be sustainable.

      Is attainable as basketball-only Michigan site? We hope so but it’s difficult. The program is certainly headed in the right direction.

      • Daniel

        I envision a future in which you, Joe, and Dustin get to work on the blog full-time, pumping out glorious content including reports from the insider practices Michigan lets you attend. And Beilein never misses on a prospect.

        It is a glorious future.

  • Keep up the fantastic work Dylan, Joe and Dustin. This site is a fantastic resource.

  • lsahdjf

    Everyone do your part!

    Thanks guys, appreciate all the content, easily the best.

    Banner on friday! Go Blue

    • Thanks for the support. Will be something special to see a new Final Four banner in Crisler.

  • gobluemd16

    Happy to donate to the site once again, you guys are the best. Still my favorite Michigan-related site by far. Everyone else should donate as well, we appreciate all of your hard work. Go Blue!

  • David

    I love how this blog is easy to read, to the point, has constantly updating content, awesome analysis, relevant statistics all while remaining professional. I like the community here, it’s one of the best groups of constructive and mature people you’ll find on the internet. My humble contribution is the least I can do. Good luck to everyone this season!

  • captincork

    Thanks! Keep it up!

  • DingoBlue

    Hopefully things will go well enough with this and in the season for you guys to go to another Final Four!

  • jakelam2116

    Thanks guys! It’s an absolute pleasure to have gotten a chance to write for the site, and it’s the first sports site I visit daily. About to make my donation now.

    (On a side note, the OSU athletic department is disgraceful. Between them not giving you credentials and the ridiculous policy of making media members change their blue shirts this football season, I have zero, zero respect for them. This doesn’t mean I don’t respect the athletes on the basketball team, but the way things are run is unprofessional to a great degree.)

  • guestavoe

    You guys do a lot for us. Here’s hoping for many more years of this awesome site.

  • a2sk

    Thanks Dylan, Joe, Dustin, and everyone else who makes this site one of the best college hoops fan sites on the web. Michigan basketball fans are incredibly lucky to have this site. I am happy to make a donation and hope that others will as well.

  • MLaw

    Donated! Thanks so much for all that you do. Looking forward to another terrific season. The non-conference is more challenging and the team is less certain, but the ceiling appears almost as high as last season. Can’t wait.

  • andygoblue

    I plan on donating, but you know what would be an awesome feature? Being able to automatically add the season schedule to our calendars via .ics format. It would totally save me from manually adding every game to my calendar, or multiple calendars (e.g., outlook, google, apple).

    • If you use Google Calendar they have a great feature to add common calendars and the Michigan basketball one is updated w/ scores etc.

      I’ll look into creating a schedule ics.

      • andygoblue

        Thanks Dylan. Given rainingblue’s comment, I don’t want distract your focus and effort on something that already exists elsewhere.

    • rainingblue

      MGoBlue has them available for all of the sports! (

      • andygoblue

        that’s awesome! I had no idea. Thanks!

  • TimgColo

    Keep up the great work Dylan, best college ball content on the web! Go Blue!