Video: Jordan Morgan, Spike Albrecht preview Concordia


Jordan Morgan and Spike Albrecht had some time before practice to speak with the media about their upcoming game against Concordia to kick of Michigan’s exhibition season on Tuesday. The theme of the day was competition — Morgan talked about competing with the other bigs for minutes vacated by Mitch McGary, and Albrecht addressed competing with Derrick Walton for minutes at the lead guard spot. You can watch both of their interviews using the embedded media players below.

Find Albrecht’s interview after the jump.

  • Nevin

    Anyone know if that game going to be televised? Or available on somewhere online?

    • Big Ten Digital Network.

      • texasBlue

        Anybody know if you can watch the game on BTND after the live airing?

    • Nevin

      Anyone know if that game is going to be televised? Or available online somewhere?

  • jlustig22

    Is that a subscription service? Seem to remember last yr subscribing to it for one month and then canceling it since you only need it for a few early games.

    • Yep. You only need the Michigan portion of the service though. About $8.

  • jturn14

    For those wondering when/where the game can be watched free (and legally), BTN is showing it Thursday night at 7:30.

    • kam

      thats not live

      • jturn14

        Which is why I didn’t say live. Just free and legal.