Video: Michigan Basketball Media Day Practice


Michigan opened up the first hour of practice on Thursday afternoon after holding its annual Media Day at the Crisler Center. Mitch McGary is still not cleared for full-go action but shot the ball on the side while the rest of the Wolverines worked out. Watch assorted clips from Michigan’s practice in the embedded media player below.

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  • Mattski

    I see Beilein as a cautious and modest guy. Which is why this quote about Michigan’s bigs stands out for me:

    “All of a sudden, we have an experienced frontcourt and we can multi-position those guys,” Beilein said. “If we can continue to do what we’ve been doing, (we can) really multi-position, like something no one has ever seen.”

    From The Detroit News:

  • DingoBlue

    Calling it now, McGary’s back issue is a ruse to get him to do nothing but shoot free throws in pre-season.

  • UMHoopsFan

    Irvin just looks like a baller. Also, GRIII and Nik are going to score buckets this year.

  • Northern Blue

    Impressive looking squad. I get the feeling its the most depth beilein has ever had to work with. I wouldnt mind if we experiment a little bit before big ten schedule starts. Somewhat like what MSU does until the conference schedule starts. So many different options. Horford looked more athletic and fluid out there. If our point guard spot can rank in the top half of the big ten I think this team will be great, because i am pretty much sold that we will have enough talent at all other spots as we already know what stauskas, gr3, morgan, mcgary can do and to some extent burke. Also, Irvin seems to be a safe bet to be a contributor this year as well, and Horford could be in line to be much improved. Looking for Walton to have a Yogi Ferrell like impact.

    • Northern Blue

      By burke I meant Levert lol

      • kam

        Some people are saying Caris has been outplaying Nik in practices and that he looks extremely improved

        • GrantGoBlue

          Source for this? I really doubt anybody with firsthand knowledge of the team would say something like this even if it happened to be true.

          • kam


            • 2 days ago

            Take this FWIW, but one of my family members was at Michigan’s practice yesterday and said that Glenn looked absolutely phenomenal, which just echoes what we have been hearing since practices began. He was handling the ball comfortably, made a bunch of threes, and was completely dominating the scrimmage-type session. He also said that two of the managers told him that Caris has been the most improved player, by far, and that he outplays Nik in practices. Again, take it for what it’s worth, but exciting stuff to hear.


          • kam

            You are correct a coach may not say this, but people watching would. No reason to lie about it. Oh and a manager is FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE since they get to watch the practices

          • gobluemd16

            Exactly. I, myself, have not seen any practices or know anything from watching first hand. The only footage I have seen is what is on this site or the internet. This is just what I have heard from a family member, which is obviously a reputable source to me. Again, there would be no reason to lie about this. Unless the manager who was telling him this has a slanted view of the practices, which they could in theory, I believe it is probably true.

          • kam

            Yeah exactly.. There is no reason to make this up