James Blackmon Jr. closer to decision after Kentucky visit

Dylan Burkhardt

rn_u_jamesblackmon_ms_200[1]James Blackmon Jr. updated his recruitment with ESPN’s Reggie Rankin after his Kentucky official visit.

“That was the main thing I took away from the visit is when Coach Calipari talked to me about being a shooting guard and a point guard,” he said. “That is something I liked a lot. It showed me how I would fit.”

In addition to his visit to Kentucky, Blackmon Jr. has also taken an official visit to Michigan and unofficial visits to Michigan State, Kansas and Indiana, and he said there’s a possibility of visiting Indiana officially or unofficially again before making a decision.

Blackmon Jr. has also put a lot of thought into what he is looking for in a coach.
“I want to feel comfortable with the coach,” he said. “I want him to do right by me, help me develop, help me get better.”

Blackmon Jr. is beginning to move into the decision-making stage of his recruitment and he knows who he will lean on for support.

“My mom and dad along with my brothers (16-year-old Vijay and 11-year-old Jalen) is who I will talk to and will help me with my decision,” he said.

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  • Fab 5 Legends

    did not like reading this headline or booker headline…hopefully we don’t miss out on both of them…I would be disappointed if we don’t get 1 of them…

    • Jay Z

      Completely agree. I don’t share the optimism that some people express above.

      • Webbdog

        If you dont share the optimism then there should not be one ounce of Disappointment right?

  • Joe Cool

    Looks more and more like we won’t get him, but I guess not very many people expected us to get Kameron Chatman.

  • guestavo

    Bolden is better than either of them. He won’t be an easy get though.

    • brian coburn

      Why not? Supposedly a Michigan fan growing up and no school has long contacts with him.

  • UMHoopsFan

    Hmm… a coach (and coaching staff) who you can trust and will help you develop and improve — sounds familiar…

    I honestly don’t think you could expect anything better after his visit (from a UM perspective). Many seemed to be expecting a commitment, or at least an over the moon reaction. He obviously may still go to Kentucky, but this report doesn’t seem to make that any more likely than before as I read it. I still think UM has a good shot.

    • kam

      i agree!

  • David Remmler

    The odds seem against getting either Booker or Blackmon. In each case, we’re only one of three schools seriously being considered.

    Both seem to be levelheaded and are likely to be successful wherever they end up.

  • DingoBlue

    The math seems pretty simple at this point. Get Booker or Blackmon, if you strike out on both, evaluate Bolden and see if he is a “can’t miss” guy in the late signing period. Otherwise, bank the scholly. I personally would go for Bolden as I would see him as being the centerpiece to the class if Booker/Blackmon do not go blue.

    • geoffclarke

      Sounds good, although I wouldn’t be surprised if late options that we’ve never heard of like LeVert or Albrecht pop up. Also, I’d consider Chatman the centerpiece at this point. If Bolden can emerge as a focal point of a loaded Findlay Prep team, which would require him to be more assertive, I’d probably then consider him the centerpiece.

      • Chezaroo

        Very well said. On a team with Zimmerman, Thornton Jr., and Justin Jackson, Bolden would be a monster if he shows out. Don’t expect him to put up dazzling numbers there, but that in no way would diminish his value to me. He is so long and lengthy that IMO he would be an impact player his Fyr. His maturity ( watch his interviews ) and life experiences ( international play ) along with his obvious talents, seem to make him an ideal fit for JB. Geoff, how do you think Findlay would do in the MAC this year?

        • guestavo

          No way Bolden shines over Oubre or Vaughn but he can definitely be the third guy over the other people listed.

  • Chezaroo

    Both solid kids that would be excellent gets for the program. If you haven’t falling “in love ” with what we have to offer, than I hope that their ultimate destination suits them both well. Tough decisions when “pops” alma mater is weighing on your conscience. Still wonder if one of the two is waiting for the other to commit, so that his decision is easier. Still believe we have a chance at regaining our shine.

  • Mattski

    Sort of a mug’s game, trying to read the tea leaves on every utterance from one of these guys–could just be a careful statement by Blackmon, Jr. as he sits down with his family to start ticking boxes.

  • Chezaroo

    I would agree, although Oubre and Vaughn both are SGs. I have always been enamored with Bolden’s game highlights, and think he would be a terrific get. A player with an unlimited ceiling IMO.

  • Pnickel

    Looks like he’s on his way to UK & Booker to Mizzou. Oh well.