Mitch McGary on track to play a “complete season”

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein told that Mitch McGary’s health is progressing and Derrick Walton is 100%.

“We are very optimistic about him having a complete season — I mean of him being able to play and do everything,” Beilein said Friday morning. “We’re just being very cautious right now to make sure that he can have a complete season. We’re being very patient, probably way over cautious, but this is the time to do that.”

Asked if playing “a complete season” means McGary will be available for the Nov. 8 regular-season opener against UMass-Lowell, Beilein said, “Close, close, but we will not rush this in any way. That’s our hope right now. We’re optimistic. I’m optimistic, he’s optimistic, that this setback he’s had will be in the rearview mirror very quickly, but when he’s ready, he has to be ready.”

Beilein added that McGary is currently “very limited in what he can do” in practice. The coach said he could not expand on the specifics of the injury other than it being a lower back condition.

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  • kam

    Glad to hear walton is back to 100% and i think mitch gets of to a slow start maybe the first 3 games, but then Gets on track the last cupcake game!

    • geoffclarke

      That would be nice, but the way it sounds, Beilein isn’t sure if he’ll be ready for the 1st regular season game (@Iowa State is the 3rd regular season game).

      • kam

        wow! then he Def needs to play the first game so he can have the first two games to get back in a grove! Iowa state is no joke at home.. NOT an elite or even good team but they are solid!

        • Guest

          He shouldn’t play to get back on track he should play if he is healthy.

        • captincork

          He shouldn’t play just to get in a groove, he should play if he is healthy.

          edit: sorry for the double post. I can’t figure out how to delete it.

          • kam

            What i meant by groove was when he is healthy he wont be dominating mitch right away. he has missed a lot of conditioning and team chemistry. “groove” is referring to getting that back. playin the first two games if healthy will allow him to get into shape and learn his teammates tendencies without it being a very difficult game! and its ok!

      • gobluemd16

        Although Mitch is obviously needed for our long term success, I will say that he plays the one position where Michigan has ample depth. We can put JMo or Jon into the starting lineup with Spike/Walton, Nik, Zak/Caris, and Glenn and I would feel good with that unit. Need him healthy, of course, since he is our best big, but if he has to miss a little time or play fewer minutes at the start of the season to get to 100%, we do have some other good options.

    • Webbdog

      What problems did Walton have??

      • Ankle. Don’t think it was anything serious but he was seen in a boot (normal cautionary measure with an ankle injury).

  • Cory

    I may be looking too far ahead, but I’m already a little worried about McGary possibly having stamina issues in Puerto Rico.

    • kam

      He hasn’t practice in months. You have every right to be worried. He most likely wont be in shape at the start of the year