James Blackmon Jr. decision coming October 22nd

Dylan Burkhardt

James Blackmon Jr. plans to announce his college choice on October 22nd.

Blackmon told Rivals.com’s Corey Albertson that while the date isn’t final, it seems to be the current plan.


Blackmon officially visited Michigan on September 28th and is slated to take an official visit to Kentucky on October 18th for Big Blue Madness. He also took unofficial visits to Michigan, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State and Indiana. Blackmon originally committed to Indiana before his freshman year of high school.

Blackmon’s final list of schools includes Michigan, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana and Michigan State. Kentucky and Michigan are thought to be the front runners in Blackmon’s recruitment. 92% of 247Sports Crystal Ball picks are for Kentucky with 5% for the Wolverines. Blackmon’s father played basketball at Kentucky.

Blackmon is one of two players with a Michigan offer in the class of 2014. Devin Booker is also considering Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri and Michigan State and is expected announce his college decision sometime after his final official visit to Missouri on October 18th. Michigan has commmitments from Kameron Chatman, Ricky Doyle, DJ Wilson and Austin Hatch in the class.

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  • Mattski

    I guess that this gives Booker a chance to preempt any Blackmon decision to come here? Timing is interesting/everything.

    • A date of October 31st had been floated for Booker but it also appears that he could decide anytime after his last visit.

  • greg little

    Rivals rumor is that Booker is telling recruits he’s going to Kentucky. Sam Web thinks that Michigan leads for Blackmon. I hope he is right, because Bess most likely drops for little bro on the 18’th or thereabouts.

  • Felix

    i wonder if michigan is selling the PG position to blackmon and trying to booker as the sg. that would be one heck of a back court.

    • guestavo

      We aren’t taking both of them. We already have Walton, Irvin, Stauskas, and Chatman. Our backcourt is already top rank.

  • geoffclarke

    Really want Blackmon wearing Maize and Blue. My 2014 wish list had been changing throughout the summer, but for the past month, it’s been Chatman, Blackmon, and Bolden. Still holding out hope.

  • guestavo

    I’d love to have Blackmon Jr, but we really don’t need another guard. I prefer Bolden over Booker.

    • mattD

      Theoretically I agree with you from a numbers/depth standpoint, but Blackmon is too talented to turn away. You find a spot for a guy like that.

      • geoffclarke

        Agree. Our offense would roll. Blackmon would also bring a toughness, IMO, that maybe none of the other ’14 recruits have.

      • guestavo

        I don’t disagree with that notion. I’m just saying, if we lose out on them, we will be more than okay, especially with Bolden.

        • mattD

          When I look at Blackmon I see the type of guy where in a tight game, you can simply give him the ball in a late game scenario and clear it out and he’ll get you buckets. You can scrap the playbook and he’ll make plays, I think he’s that good. I don’t think we have anyone on the current roster that has that type of ability, basically a Trey Burke quality. That is a good thing to have.

          • guestavo

            I think Walton can be developed into that role. Irvin as well. We have guys with the tools.

          • mattD

            Irvin may be able to in time due to his length, but I think his ballhandling ability and footwork aren’t advanced enough at this point to allow him to just go straight iso and be effective in that type of scenario. He has they physical tools though, no doubt.
            Walton has the quickness, ballhandling, and footwork, just needs to work on his shot. My only concern with Walton is that he may defer too much.

          • Bigrange

            Totally agree. I saw Blackmon play a few times last year and he took over the game. I was jealous that IU had him. Once he gets established on a team, they can give him the ball and let him go.

  • jkuofm27

    I will be fine with either Booker or Blackmon, but I would hate to miss on both. If we were to miss on both I would prefer Booker to UK and Blackmon to Louisville and then we get Bess and lockout MSU/IU. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • Don’t see MSU as a huge threat for either player right now (Izzo starting to make a move for Bess, Bluiett). Would also be surprised if JB went back to IU at this point.

      • Bigrange

        I think IU’s ship has sailed with Blackmon. IU fans don’t understand why they are having such a tough recruiting year. Ummm, because there are better programs out there.

        • guestavo

          I saw on IU board that they think we were recruiting Blackmon Jr during the season, hence the Meyer blowup fiasco. It makes no sense and they were the beneficiaries of a shady Eric Gordon recruitment, but hey *shrugs*

        • geoffclarke

          Maybe I shouldn’t judge a guy by one maniacal expression (hey, maybe he was just joking around off-topic-like after he WON a B1G championship!), but Crean is weird.

  • Mattski

    Blackmon looks like a classic throwback NBA shooting guard to me. Hope Sam Webb is right.

    • guestavo

      I hope so, too.

  • BrianW

    A good shooter can really thrive in U-M’s offense. I’d love to see Blackmon in a Michigan uniform, hitting threes.

  • Kenny

    I don’t see Blackmon is a Kentucky lock. If so, he would’ve not committed to IU in the first place, but going to Louisville would be too much for his senior to take.

    Blackmon’s date put Booker in an interesting position. I believe all the rants that he is Kentucky lean, but in the event that Blackmon picks Kentucky, I don’t think that Booker would go there too.

    • guestavo

      UK didn’t recruit him until AFTER the recommitment. UK has more room and minutes for both of them than any other school. The whole “both of them” won’t go there argument is illogical.

      • JVS

        Big assumption on that statement, that they have more room/minutes, is on who stays and who goes. UK has McDs All Americans on their bench now who if they stay would lead to serious competition with either of them next year.

        • guestavo

          Doesn’t matter. Blackmon Jr and Booker are signing in the Fall, not the Spring. Cal can sell that over half their roster will be gone. The only guard that is scheduled to be there is Ullis.

          • JVS

            Cal can say what he wants. He can promise them both the Wooden award if he wants. But if i’m a top 40 guard, and I see Ulis there, and I see 1-2 likely returning top 40 guards who have played an extra year or two as competition, my natural conclusion isn’t that I have as many minutes as I want. I’d be more comfortable fighting off guys like Stauskas/Levert/Spike for minutes.

  • Brick93

    I have a good feeling on Blackman (mostly due to Sam Webb’s optimism). That would be a really solid class with two highly rated guys and two upside guys. If We miss out on Booker/Blackman I would still love the class finishing out with Bolden. Walton alongside Chatman, Wilson, Bolden and Doyle would be one pretty large lineup.

  • Bigrange

    Landing Blackmon would be awesome. He simply takes over games with his scoring ability. We will get either him or Booker. I actually think he has a better chance of the NBA if he comes to Michigan; he would be a primary scorer on the team, great coaching, a team atmosphere. Sure at Kentucky he would be surrounded by other top 50 players, but he’d also be competing for playing time, fighting to get the ball, not highlighted as the premier player.
    Stay in the Big Ten, play in an offense that gets up and down the floor and Go BLUE!!

  • A note to everyone.
    1. Quit the personal attacks. They won’t be tolerated and we will start banning people.
    2. Civilized debate is fine but we don’t need the same two people debating the same thing over and over again.

  • guestavo

    Alright, I was talking to a few UK posters and they seem to think we split the two SGs. This is different than what they said a few days ago… I will gladly eat crow.

  • guestavo

    Chip Sylvie ‏@IllianaAAU 2m
    James Blackmon has alerted me (through someone else) he is down to Kentucky and Michigan.

    • It’s not really a secret that UK and UM are the two on top (only two getting officials right now) but Blackmon’s list is officially still at five.

  • Jersey Jay

    IU Sports Report ‏@IUsportsreport2h
    @IllianaAAU is reportin James Blackmon Jr is down to Michigan & Kentucky. We still say it is Michigan getting his services from what we hear

  • guestavo
    • Jersey Jay

      Hah thats the question I asked him. I am fairly surprised he responded.

  • Steve

    What are the odds that Booker goes to Mizzou and Blackmon goes to Kentucky?

  • Chezaroo

    The SG drama is going to play itself out very soon. I am very curious to see who blinks first. I’ve always maintained that I would much rather have a player who has always wanted to go to UM as my first choice over a late interest. That being said, if Booker has fallen in love with Calipari, then so long amigo! Oftentimes in recruiting its timing that dictates interest and subsequent verbals. Perhaps we will benefit by this and come away with Blackmon. He would be a great addition, if this goes as a lot of seers are thinking.

    • Joe Cool

      I’m half-hoping Stanley Johnson goes to Kentucky and Blackmon decides not to go there so he can get more minutes. But it’s so hard for me because I want Kentucky to fail so badly…