Four-star wing Kameron Chatman commits to Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan added its first commitment since March today as 6-foot-7 wing Kameron Chatman pledged to John Beilein and the Wolverines.

Chatman is the consensus No. 32 player in the class of 2014 and is rated a four-star prospect by all major scouting services.

He visited Michigan twice before committing. First for Michigan’s College Practice Camp in June, where he was offered a scholarship, and for an official visit for Michigan’s football game against Notre Dame.

Chatman picked Michigan over three other finalists, Arizona, USC and Oregon. Chatman joins Ricky Doyle and Austin Hatch as committed prospects in Michigan’s 2014 recruiting class. The Wolverines have outstanding offers to Devin Booker, Donte Grantham and James Blackmon Jr.

More on Chatman including rankings, background story, scouting reports and video after the jump.

  • Scout: Four-star, #23
  • Rivals: Four-star, #29
  • ESPN: Four-star, #49
  • 247: Four-star, #36

Chatman has bounced around a bit over his prep career. He sat out his junior year after transferring to Long Beach Poly to play for family friend Sharif Metoyer. After being ruled ineligible due to California prep recruiting rules, Chatman will transfer back to his original school, Capital Christian in Oregon, for his senior season.

Chatman averaged 15.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game while playing with ICP Elite on the prestigious Nike EYBL circuit over the summer.


Chatman is considered as a prospect with the ability to play the one through four positions. At 6-foot-7 plus, he has stretch four potential, especially given his left handedness. However, he’s been renowned for his ball skills throughout the summer circuit and has the ability to handle the two or three positions with ease. At times Chatman has been criticized as being somewhat too passive but his skills have been clear to anyone that’s watched him play.

His travel squad, ICP Elite, has struggled some during the first two weekends of the EYBL, going 2-7. However, after missing pretty much his entire junior season due to transfer rules, Chapman is putting up impressive numbers. He’s averaging 16.3 points and 11.4 rebounds against top competition. For a kid coming off of a long layoff that’s solid work, and he’s high on the list of guys we are eager to see.

Chatman has a terrific frame with very long arms and overall great length. The left-hander has a soft shooting touch that should get better with added strength. He handles the ball fairly well and is an adept passer. Chatman is a confident offensive player that looks to score and can in a variety of ways. Threes, mid range, to the rim and finish with length and post smaller defenders and simply elevate over them.

Chatman is far from a finished product, but the upside is evident. His high hips and extremely long arms suggest he isn’t finished growing yet. He’s a scoring wing with great length. He can get buckets in a variety of ways and will be a major college wing that will be a factor and contributor on the offensive end of the floor.


Fit and Outlook

Chatman is one of the most versatile players Michigan could land in the class of 2014 because he has the ability to play the two, three and four.

He has the ball skills to play the two or the three but his left handedness makes him a perfect fit or the four position in Michigan’s offense. Depending on how Michigan’s class fills out, Chatman has the ability to play a number of positions in Michigan’s offense and gives the Wolverines flexibility going forward.


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  • BraveWolverine730

    Maybe this will quiet those who were panicking about a poor 2014 recruiting class.

    • Indiana_Banners

      We had the same kind of chicken heads running around before Robert Johnson committed. I hadn’t heard of this kid before today, but I watched his vid and I really like his attitude. Willing to play anywhere. Has played point guard in the past. Should be a very solid player for you guys before he graduates.

      Lots of talent coming into the league lately. The Big Ten as a whole has enjoyed a recruiting surge over the past few years, and it’s going to make for a lot of great basketball.

  • DingoBlue


  • UMHoops Fan

    great prospect, love his game, seems like a great kid, excellent recruiting job by the staff. Excited to watch him in maize and blue next year. Great fit for the program. This makes me happy.

  • A2JD

    Beilein must have knocked his socks off. It seemed like Chatman’s dad was really impressed with their official visit. Now that there’s some momentum, hopefully Michigan picks up 1 or 2 more of their top targets.

  • sane1

    Who was it who said that Beilein could take lessons from Groce on recruiting players and their families?

    • Aw sane1 you’ve done it now. Enjoy this one. You’ve been around a while so you deserve it.

    • Tyrell

      Yeah that was me. Are you going to tell me this commitment didn’t come as a shock to you? I was stunned and extremely happy this morning to read the news.

      And I still don’t see why that is a big deal. Clearly JB and the entire staff going out to see the Chatman family proved to be huge. All I was trying to say was the Groce has a lot of accolades for his work as a recruiter and since all the predictions said he was going to Arizona a quick tip couldn’t hurt.


      No one is above learning from others since Chip Kelly was good at offense Bill Belichick learned from him to help the Patriots last year.

      sane1 if you want me to leave this site just let me know because I don’t want to be on a site where I constantly get crap from people for some comments that get taken WAY OUT OF PROPORTION.

  • DingoBlue

    OK, calmed down a bit. This is huge in so many ways. Pulling a Blue Chip recruit from the West Coast for B-Ball. Statement. Welcome Kameron!

    • jkuofm27

      I agree. This says so much about Beilein and UM that they were able to land a top 35 kid from the west coast. I love it when he takes kids from Indy or Ohio, but he just extended his net big time. Zimmerman?

  • A2JD

    What’s impressed me most about his game is his rebounding.

    • DingoBlue

      That and he is a good passer.

      • geoffclarke

        Plus his scoring.

  • The amount of flexibility that the Chatman commit provides U-M can’t be underrated. Big time!

    • DingoBlue

      The fact that he can basically play anything 2-4 is definitely huge.

  • jlustig22

    That is awesome news. Great for the program. It will be interesting to see how this affects the rest of the class. Most experts seem to think Chatman is much more of a wing player than stretch 4. If that’s the case, then they are pretty stocked at the 2 and 3 positions now. I don’t know how this impacts Booker or Blackmon, Jr. Guess the next domino is Grantham. I think he’s a very important recruit as he is our best option to replace GR3.

    • kam

      He can play the 4 if he bulks up some!

    • guestavo

      I don’t like Chatman at the 4. He is even smaller than GR3. GR3 is playing the 3 this year. We need a stretch 4 and I’m sure Blackmon Jr/ Booker aren’t scared of competition if they are looking at Kentucky.

      • DingoBlue

        I would agree that the stretch four may not be his position until he adds some bulk, but I also agree that he could play there if need be early on. As far as I’m concerned, a combo forward prospect in the class (Wilson, Bolden, Grantham) is still a priority.

      • sane1

        Chatman is 6’7″; GRIII is 6’6″. Chatman is big enough for stretch 4, is a very good rebounder. Grantham and Chatman could both play 3/4.

        • guestavo

          GR3 wasn’t exactly optimal at the 4. I’d like to go bigger with two combo-forwards at the 3/4. Chatman/ Bolden
          Chatman/ Wilson Chatman/ Grantham is better than Stauskas/ Chatman Irvin/Chatman, defensively.

          • geoffclarke

            While I agree that GRIII isn’t optimal, and probably not Chatman either, GRIII *was* the 4 on the national runner up! That’s a fact. And while many are saying GRIII will play the 3 this year, I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t get a lot of time at the 4, simply because that will still be one of our best lineups. There are definitely tradeoffs defensively to offensively sometimes. Finally, I would argue that Chatman, while not being the leaper GRIII is, might have as strong or stronger a lower body than a freshman GRIII, which is better for battling for position/defense down low.

        • Kenny

          You have to look at the body type. GRIII is much stronger. Chatman is tall with a skinny body. playing 4 in big ten would be too stretch for him, at least before his junior season.

    • Tyrell

      Just remember the picture of Chatman, McGary, LeVert, Grantham, GRIII, and Stauskas that was taken on Chatman’s and Grantham’s official visit (ND at Michigan under the lights). I hope that is a good sign for us.

  • kam

    Love his game, at 6’7 he can handle play 2-4 and really rebound

  • Jersey Jay

    This a tremendous get. I have been on the Chatman wagon for some time (check previous posts). His versatility in this system will be huge.

  • Adam St Patrick

    Damn this is great. A recruiting win is just so welcome right now!

    What is it about being left-handed that makes him ideal for the 4 spot?

    • guestavo

      He will most likely be a 3 with the ability to play 2/3/4 and bring the ball up court. I expect Bolden/Wilson to be our stretch 4. Grantham is probably going to Clemson as I expect their proximity in decision dates isn’t coincidence. I now think we have a chance with Blackmon Jr/ Booker. I’m done listening to the experts….

      • Adam St Patrick

        Looks to me like that too. A stretch 4 doesn’t have to be a small 4, IMO. But, unsure why being left-handed would be a particular advantage from that spot.

        • geoffclarke

          See my post in response to James.

      • geoffclarke

        A lot of it is just labels…Beilein is going to put the best combinations of players out there and and utilize all their strengths. If Chatman starts at the 4 for Michigan, we’ll probably see more pick and roll from that position than we did with GRIII, even though similar in size. If Chatman plays the 3, we’ll probably see less outside shooting than we did with Stauskas. But in the summer and fall of ’14, after the recruiting class is complete and we know who’s returning, Beilein will probably pick one position for Kam next year and stick with it for the year…it’s rare that a freshman will play more than one position for Beilein. Perhaps Kam will be one of the rare exceptions.

        Anyway, if he’s most likely a 3, then IMO, he’s most likely a 4 because of the similarity of the two positions and the fact that he’s left-handed. That 2014-15 team will be so versatile at all positions, it’s hard to predict.

  • Indiana_Matt


  • mirepoix

    Sweet! Really excited about this kid, love that he’s the guy who finally dropped.

  • jakelam2116

    Great news for the Wolverines. I watched him and talked to him during the Global Challenge in July. He’s a good kid who will fit in with the players Beilein has. Might be a bit passive especially at first for people’s tastes (a la GR III last season), but his versatility will be a big plus. Excited to watch him grow, and I see him staying at least three years in Ann Arbor.

  • gobluemd16

    Awesome get!!! Great decision, Kam! Thanks for the quick post as well, Dylan. I know you are on the road, too, so even better. Maybe you should stay traveling the rest of the week, and we could get Grantham!

    • kam

      i wonder if he comes!!! I was leaning towards it now, I’m not sure

  • MGoTweeter

    Welcome and congrats Kam! huge pickup for Michigan. Great addition to the class with Ricky and Austin.

  • Brick93

    I didn’t get why everyone was predicting Arizona. Once we made it through the weekend I felt good having the in home right before the decision.

    This is a big commit for so many reasons. Chatman’s versatility means we can be selective with remaining offers and the staff can hold out for who they really want because there are less holes to fill when you have someone who could potentially spend time at four different positions.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but Chatman was #1 on my wish list for this class. (After Looney dropped us)

    • geoffclarke

      ^^^ Needs to post more often. ^^^

      But I’ll go ahead and ask it: does Michigan offer Wilson this weekend? Does it depend?

      • Brick93

        I would be a little surprised if he gets an offer if Grantham commits. If Grantham goes to Clemson I would be a little surprised if he doesn’t get an offer. I think the staff really likes him or they wouldn’t have him go on an official with Booker. I have no idea what Grantham does but if we don’t get him, I would guess we get Wilson and then go after Booker/Blackman and then Bolden if we don’t get either of them.

  • rick dunaway

    grantham on friday to michigan . sam wrong again

  • Bigrange

    Chatman may end up being the most important piece in this class. It shows that the Michigan program is opening the eyes of recruits across the country. 2015 and 2016 players who are seeing this have to wonder why he is willing to go across the
    country to play ball. He fits into the system great too.

    Perhaps landing Kameron will open Bookers eyes, that Kentucky is not “all that” and there will be plenty of talent to play alongside in Ann Arbor.

  • mattD

    The one night I hit the sack early and neglect my duty to obtain any info on recruiting news/decision dates and I wake up to this!
    In any event, count me among those that are slightly shocked regarding this development, didn’t see it coming. I’m very skeptical and pessimisstic with respect to recruiting in general, which is partially intentional in order to avoid the disappointment that results from a miss.
    This is no doubt a huge pickup, Chatman is basically a smaller version of Lamar Odom in my opinion. GREAT passer, good rebounder, can handle the ball, decent outside shot, and probably the most versatile prospect on the board. This guy is almost guaranteed instant playing time because he can fill so many spots on the floor.

  • Kenny

    Great, great get.

    didn’t he play the point guard in the second video. Does not look bad. Guess he could even play some 1 if needed. However, his body type might make him more of a wing than a stretch 4.

  • jblair52

    Hate to be that guy but…I called it. I knew he wouldn’t let Beilein go out west if he knew he was going Arizona. Funny how some fat, middle aged guy eating Doritos on his couch called it more accurately than all the crystal balls in the world. haha!

    Awesome pickup! I seriously jumped up and down when I saw this great news!

    • Tyrell

      Nice work jblair52! Tell me what does the future hold?

      • jblair52

        haha well let me tell you.

        I’m thinking a big man name Zimmerman and two players named after Jalen Rose for 2015. Looking like a couple Jackson’s for 2016.

        • geoffclarke

          Nice! Thank you! I’m actually more optimistic for Zimmerman, Coleman, and Brunson than for the Jacksons in ’16, but if that’s the way it pans out, wonderful!

  • ajerome33

    Huge get! Welcome Kameron! People need to stop fretting so much, Michigan is recruiting just fine. I took it as a great sign that JB was getting an in-home right before his decision. Now we see what happens with Grantham, Booker, and Blackmon.

  • Chazer

    WOW Mr Chatman……welcome to the winning culture!

  • Mattski

    Ha! Disappointing off-season blahblah hooey.

    • Mattski

      Wonder does anyone call him Kamchat? His name’s even spelled like the place. . .

  • James

    Can someone explain to me why being left handed is so beneficial? I may be showing my ignorance here but I’m at a loss.


    • arsenal926

      I imagine it has to do with the majority of big men going over their right shoulder on post moves and left handers are able to use their dominant hand to block/defend whereas right handers are defending with their off hand.

    • geoffclarke

      It is beneficial specifically for Beilein’s offense where he likes to put his 3 and 4 in opposite corners (think about where Stauskas and Robinson spent most of their time on offense). A right-handed player is generally more comfortable and better going to his right, so it makes sense for them to start their offense on the left side of the court and likewise for a left-handed player.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    wow! really nice commit…I can see him moving up the rankings as the year continues on…ill be happy with 1 more big time recruit signing with the Wolverines :)

    • Fab 5 Legends

      he definitely has a JALEN ROSE game – at least in my mind…similar style & finesse…he looks like he can play PG as well with those handles

  • CDeSana

    Love his high release which will come in handy has he plays against taller more athletic players in college. And as mentioned a couple of times below he does sort have that Jalen Rose look.

    • Dr_ZC

      The one hand leaner in the lane is taken out of Jalen’s repertoire, for sure. However, his jump shot has a much higher arc than Jalen’s line drives. And while Jalen was a bit flat footed on his shot, it looks like Kam can get some air underneath it. As far as character, he seems to be a very nice kid, and not as cocky as Jalen was.
      And he has a younger brother who is a point guard?

  • blackie6

    Dylan, your links to his recruiting rankings above take you to Gratham’s rankings…. just an FYI!

    • Ben Sheler

      Yea they all go to Gratham’s pages…