Mitch McGary Video Scouting Report

Dylan Burkhardt

The off-season provides ample opportunity to experiment with new ideas and one of our focuses this year will be on better utilizing video in our coverage. We have two YouTube channels, one featuring media coverage of the team and the other focused on recruiting videos, but we’re looking to add more. Inspired by Mike Schmitz’s work at Draft Express, Dustin Johnston and I teamed up to put together video scouting reports for returning Michigan players.

We’ll start with Michigan sophomore Mitch McGary. The videos are a longer in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses along with supporting game footage. Watch McGary’s video below and not that you can navigate between sections by clicking on the table of contents headers.

  • This is a new feature so as always we are looking for feedback. This one got a bit long (others shouldn’t be quite as lengthy) but figured we would just give you guys all of it.

    • GlacierBlue

      I like this new feature a lot and it was not too long. However, I am also having difficulty reading the text at the speed it’s being presented.

      I appreciate your good work and attention to detail.

  • Adam

    Love the video but the graphic text is too fast for me to keep up with. For example, :20 through :50 is hard to read because it is moving so quickly. Same with Def. Rebounding graphics.

    • Thanks.. we tried to slow it down some (each slide should be displayed for ~10 secs) but we’ll try to slow down a bit more in future iterations. Those first two might actually be a bit faster still though, that’s my mistake.

  • Dr_ZC

    Loved it. Keep up the great work guys. I can understand the issues with the text speed, but I managed to slow things down a bit with the pause button.

  • ChocoJoe

    Cool feature, thanks!

  • Retiredat23

    Awesome, awesome job gentlemen. Great feature – your hard work is appreciated!

  • jkuofm27

    Love this video. You can’t make a Vanilla Gorilla video too long. It is nice to see how many plays he made in B1G play. The national media made such a big deal about him breaking out in the tournament I had almost forgot how many great plays he made in the regular season too. There are so many guys that can bang and hustle, but very few have MM’s soft hands, ball handling and vision.