Tuesday Bullets: Mock drafts, Cazzie Russell, evaluation period, other notes

Dylan Burkhardt
  • jkuofm27

    Booker and Kennard are both Beilein guys. Their play styles just seem perfect for what his system tries to do. I know Kentucky and North Carolina are sexy, but they both play playground basketball with five star athletes. That is not what Booker or Kennard are or do. If anybody watched the Elite 24 game, all the players that dominate in scenarios like that are UK/NCU type of players. Booker was basically absent, because that is not his MO.

    Will UM take Blackmon and Booker? Chatman and Grantham? I am assuming we want one of each in a perfect world.

    • Tyrell

      If I could only get two of those players I would want Booker and Chatman. However, I also hope Michigan can add Bolden too.

  • A2JD

    It’s probably wishful thinking but if both Mitch and GRIII remain at or beyond the tail-end of the lottery, staying another year might be a good move for them.
    There’s not much buzz at this point about the 2015 Draft Class so maybe they would both be Top 5 picks if they left as Juniors.

    • jkuofm27

      I would love it. I will say that doing some projecting, playing time would be heavily split if they stayed past this year (assuming that Irvin and Walton both stay those two years and they get 2 or 3 of Booker/Blackmon/Chatman/Grantham etc.). Yeah, probably way too crowded for them to stay. That is why Hardaway left this year. The 2/3 positions were just going to be too crowded (Hardaway, Irvin, Levert, Stauskus, GIII) and he would not have gotten 34+ min’s a game.

      If they stayed for next year:
      C McGary/Donnal/Horford/Doyle

      PF Donnal/McGary/GRIII/Chatman or Grantham

      SF GRIII/Stauskus/Chatman or Grantham

      SG Irvin/Levert/Booker or Blackmon

      PG Walton/Albrecht/Booker or Blackmon

      So maybe McGary could, but I see almost no way that GRIII would not leave based on PT, unless they get shutout on all of the top 100’s.

      • A2JD

        I think Mitch and GR III would be dominant, 1st-team All-American players as Juniors. I expect about the same out of them this year. There just seems to be so much NBA hype around Wiggins, Parker, a couple of the UK players, Marcus Smart and others that they might not crack the top 8 no matter how well they play. If they dominated another year in a lesser draft, they go top 5.