ESPN: Michigan is in Dante Exum’s top five

Dylan Burkhardt

dante-exum-australia[1]ESPN reports that Dante Exum still could entroll in college next season and that Michigan is one of his five favorites.

“Schools have been saying I can start in early December and play this season,” Exum told ESPN. “But if college is the option, I’ll stay in Australia, do workouts with the national team and then go to college next August. Playing this season in college is not an option.”

Exum, who turns 19 on July 13, told ESPN that he remains 50-50 on whether to bypass college and go to the NBA.

Exum also disclosed his five finalists to ESPN — Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan and Oregon — if he chooses to attend college. He said he plans to take visits to the schools after he graduates from high school.

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  • Andy B

    Is this for real? And wouldn’t he be worried about having to compete with Spike?

    • kam

      lol spike??

    • kam

      He is a 6’6 swing man. You realize Spike in 2014 will be the 5’11 Back PG to walton right?

  • jblair52

    No way Exum ends up at Michigan. Less than 1% chance IMO
    Between battling other schools, NBA possibilities, and scholarship openings…I just don’t see it happening.