Nik Stauskas Dunk Workout

Dylan Burkhardt

It wouldn’t be summer without a Nik Stauskas video. Here’s Stauskas showing off his improved athleticism this summer. The video description claims Stauskas has gained 15 pounds and six inches on his vertical leap, up to 38 inches.

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  • Fab 5 Legends

    that’s impressive dunks…and hopefully his athleticism has improved…which will benefit him offensively but most importantly defensively…he can def. be an x factor this upcoming year…since his really not expected to carry the load as much as mitch & grIII

    • kam

      Ummm Vertical athleticism has very little to do with Defense.. Hes always been a good athlete jumping wise. Bacari said so last year he dunked over mitch in practice.. Defense is LATERAL quickness and awareness and length! And to your point on “carrying the load” i think Nik may average more points than Glenn. People seem to forget Nik could shoot and attack the rim last year while glenn could only get back door cuts and a few lobs

      • Definitely agree that lateral quickness is important and an area where he has to improve but adding to his vertical won’t hurt anything.

        • kam

          Very true! 38 inch very is extremely good and THAT will help with rebounding and finishing above the rim..

      • Wayman Britt

        Kam – right on about lateral quickness and awareness, hopefully Nik improved on those also. The extra weight will help, cannot wait to see him use this improvement in the Big Ten.

      • Fab 5 Legends

        just remember he disappeared against top notch teams in the tourney…meanwhile GRIII and Mitch stepped up…but I hope your right…there all Wolverines and I hope all the best for all of them…
        lateral quickness and athleticism go hand and hand…most great athletes have the quickness to play D – just ask victor olidipo

        • kam

          I Hope you’re right because thats his one weakness Defense!

          • Fab 5 Legends

            big time…he was a liability out there last year on the defense end…in big time games

        • David

          As a freshman, the dude hit like 5 threes in a half against Florida to get the team to the Final Four. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • kam

    with Niks ability to shoot and attack the rim and finish it wouldn’t surprise me if he was our best scorer. Glenn and mitch will be the most talented but i feel Nik is a better scorer

    • jblair52

      agreed – hopefully this helps his pull-up jumper from about 10-12 ft too. I’d like to see that element added to his dribble-drive game

      • kam

        Yeah he made it a few times last year, but obvious if he got it to where it was almost automatic that would be fantastic!

  • Mark Worthley

    No one can dispute how much he cares about getting better.

  • Pnickel

    That’s great when you’re not being guarded, proves nothing he us 6’6. He should be able to dunk. I like him but that proves nothing against no competition.

    • kam

      6.6 and dunking is one thing but having a 38 inch vert is another.. Dwade had a 38 inch vert coming into the pros… so yes it proves hes a Great athlete.

      • Steve2081

        True that kam. Not to mention he’s already proven he can dunk when people are guarding him as well. He’ll just be able to do it more often and with more ease than before.

      • jblair52

        plus we saw what he could do last year…but now he’s 15 lbs heavier and can jump 6 inches higher? That’s good news.

        I’d rather hear this than not hear anything at all over the whole summer about him!

  • tape measure guy

    Basketball rim is 10 ft, so 120 inches. Isn’t Nik’s hoop 1 inch short?

    • Ha! I actually was thinking that it almost looked like that too, maybe it was the angle of the camera?

    • kam

      IT probably is! Hoops tend to sink an inch or two into the ground after time.. Even if the hoop is an inch low it doesn’t make that much difference his hand was well over the rim for most

    • tape measure guy

      I figured it out, that’s 10 Canadian feet.

      I’m very encouraged by this video. Nik is obviously serious about driving to the hole more often. If he could posterize a few people, that would really build his confidence and create some defensive space for his jump shooting.