John Beilein voted second best X’s and O’s coach in college basketball

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein is one of four Big Ten coaches to make ESPN’s Top 25 X’s and O’s college coaches. Beilein is was voted second in the country, behind Michigan State’s Tom Izzo.

We polled about two-thirds (around 250) of the Division I head coaches, and some opted to vote more than once. There were more than 300 total votes cast and there was a clear separation at the top. Michigan State’s Tom Izzo was the runaway winner, with one of his Big Ten rivals finishing in second.

2. John Beilein, Michigan Wolverines (24) 
Record: 415-260 (21 seasons)
NCAA tournament record: 13-8
“When John was in the Big East, he was going to run a cut and get his guy a jumper and live with the result. He has no fear of missing a jumper.” — Villanova coach Jay Wright

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  • TKWolverine

    Izzo was #1? Seriously?

    His offense consists of throwing up shots and going after offensive rebounds.

    • His defensive game planning is second to none. Not to mention his NCAA tournament prep.

      • Northern Blue

        exactly – i don’t know if one is better than the other – but its fair to say Beilein is a much better offensive x’s and o’s coach where as Izzo is much better on the defensive end. 2 different styles – both are effective.

    • Rob

      His defensive game planing is top-notch. I dislike him as much as the next UM guy, but I can still be somewhat objective when it comes to big picture trends and you can see that his teams are always extremely well-prepared defensively (even if it involves a lot of clutching and grabbing. Great rebounders as well. Don’t think he is special of offense or in player development. It’s hard to argue his numbers and he’s not at a blue blood program that can get anyone that they bat their eyelashes at.

      Now, it’s back to regularly scheduled Izzo and MSU bashing! :)

    • TKWolverine

      But his offense IS brutal!!

  • Rob

    Can someone post the complete list please? For those of us that don’t subscribe to ESPN Insider.

    Want to know where Matta is. Oh wait, he might not be on there! LOL!

  • Dave Pratt

    Tom Izzo runs the best sets in the country. He always and I mean always scores out of TO. You guys are undervaluing his offensive game planning immensely. He attacks the other teams weakness until they make a change then he chips at the next weakness.

    I hate him to death but guy is one of the best.

  • Mattski

    Considering that a master like Izzo coaches our arch-rival, I’m grateful we’ve got Beilein. Also, second, third, or tenth–I enjoy watching Beilein’s style of play a good deal more than Izzo’s, and think many players may like participating in it better, too.

    One can speculate endlessly about what a game between these two coaches looks like if they both have the kind of players they want at all five spots. May be approaching some decent approximation of this over the next few years, no? Look forward to some epic contests.