Spike Albrecht looking to continue meteoric rise at Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

162873864CC00055_Michigan_vSports Illustrated profiles Spike Albrecht:

“It was one of the first games I ever busted out laughing,” says Jordan, who is also Albrecht’s position coach. “In practice we had seen him do that, and obviously the stage is different, but we’ve seen Spike make shots. I got a kick out of looking around the entire stadium and seeing the look on everyone else’s face.”

Louisville was terrified of Michigan’s three-point attack and of Stauskas in particular, who the Cardinals coaching staff felt could torch them from his favorite left corner. Louisville blanketed Stauskas and held him to just three points on just two shots. But all that extra attention left Albrecht more room to deliver.

“Spike’s confidence has grown greatly [over the year] and it culminated in that championship game,” Jordan says. “To have a moment like that, to have that springboard him into the rest of his career at Michigan, he knows he belongs.

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  • Northern Blue

    Cool article. It’s great to have Spike for three more years.

  • Michael

    So meteoric he gets one comment on his team’s #1 website. Of wait. I guess I just made it two. Sarcasm withdrawn.

    • hailtoyourvictor

      So meteoric that a year ago none of us knew who the kid was and now he is getting his own articles on the #1 website of a National Championship runner-up.

      Two can play this game.

  • Chazer

    I can’t recall the game but Spike had one of the best bounce passes I’ve ever seen. I believe JB said it was the pass of the year. He stepped over half court and hit GRIII on the run with the ball in his left hand (across court) for a wicked slam… the dunk great….but that pass was incredible!

    The kid reminds me a of a young Spike Boyer…..same heart, desire and determination!

    Go Blue!

    • Alex

      I think it was the VCU game for some reason. I know which pass you’re talking about and it was a thing of beauty.

  • Mattski

    Is it just me or is the little white guy theme already wildly overplayed with Spike? Just a fine ballplayer–another of Beilein’s overlooked gems–pure and simple.

    • chazer

      Perhaps it’s a bit over played….but not many un-recruited kids pour in 17 points in 20 minutes in front of 75,000 people during a National Championship game televised all over the world. I’ll give the kid his due…he earned it and performed when he had his chance.

      • Yep, at the end of the day it’s flat out ridiculous when you think about it. A year earlier he had committed to Michigan when no one had even heard of him…

  • section13row15

    Does anyone remember the first exhibition game of the season where Trey was suspended and Spike put up 24 on a similar shooting effort? It was amazing to walk in the gym for the first time and produce like that exhibition or not.

    • Kenny

      I don’t remember his scoring but after the game I said Watson will not automatically start coming into this season.

      • q-sac

        but between watson and walton, spike’s got some competition.

  • jblair52
    • Fab 5 Legends

      1 of my favorite moments of our ncaa run…absolutely went bananas when spike was on his own run

      • Chazer

        Thanks Fab 5…..that is an awesome display! I must have viewed this 10 times. Nothing like “feeling it” from deep! I love how jacked his teamates are….