Jaylen Johnson Summer Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Jaylen Johnson is visiting Michigan today. Here are highlights of the Ypsilanti native in action throughout the summer.

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  • A2JD

    It looks like he’s not an elite jumper but he still plays above the rim and has some nice polish in these highlights. Plus, he is matched up with Zimmerman while having this success.

    Do you think he gets an offer today?

    • A2JD

      After watching the other two videos, I hope he does. In the 3rd one, he reminds me a bit of Antoine Walker, before AW got fat.

  • A2JD

    I just noticed there are two more videos. I’d only watched the first.

  • jblair52

    He’s long, tall, and athletic. It’s the shaky ball handling and awkward shooting that concerns me.

    Though I will say I don’t think he’s as “terrible” of a fit at the 4 as I’ve previously thought. Personally I think he’s a better defensive fit at the 4 than most of the other options.

    • geoffclarke

      Well, if they’re recruiting him as a 4, he’ll have to improve his jumper. In three *highlight* videos, I only saw two made jumpers total…I don’t think any from three-range.

  • jay

    Did u see his Espn Sportcenter moment when he handled the ball like a guard and dished it to Travon Bluett. in the Addidas Nation championship game? oh and he just turned 17 Yesterday so he is younger than most seniors and has room and time to develop. May even condsider reclassifying to his right grade, if he needs it.

    • jblair52

      Yeah he had one nice ball handling moment. If he hit one half-court shot I wouldn’t say he’s good at them. I don’t think he’s “bad” for this level but if you’re playing elite teams you can’t be dribbling the ball high. He can dribble it fine in the open court but Beilein detests turnovers so that’s going to be a concern unless it’s a strength.

      The only reason to reclassify is if he really wants a Michigan offer. He seems like he’s got a lot of schools after him (MSU, Louisville, Cincy, FSU, Oregon, etc…)

    • jblair52

      …and sorry if my first post seemed like I didn’t think we should be interested. I have concerns about a lot of “4” spot guys – there’s not really many perfect fits because often you get a guy that fits offensively but not defensively.

      I actually think Johnson fits better than most defensively. I also think if McGary can play the “4” spot then so can Jaylen. So we’ll see how the staff feels about it.

      If Jaylen was offered and commits, I would say it’s a “good pickup” for BLUE!

  • Fresh

    will there be a visit reaction/recap? just wondering how his visit went

  • sane1

    One thing not discussed is academics. Often times, when we wonder why so and so has not been offered, that’s the reason. I don’t have any info on Johnson, but that could be a factor. If he’s visiting, I’d say that the coaches at least believe that he COULD make it but maybe has work to do. Again, this is speculation. I know of another high level ’15 recruit who is not getting Michigan interest because of his transcripts. He’s going the prep school route this fall.

  • Steve2081

    I guess if the coaches want a second 5 I’d be ok with Jaylen getting an offer but I’d rather he not be offered if they are considering him at the 4. Whoever gets that spot is going to have to contribute right away. I just don’t think the skills are there.