Five-star forward Kevon Looney drops Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

According to ESPN’s Paul Biancardi, Kevon Looney has trimmed his list to six schools and Michigan didn’t make the cut.

Looney’s final six are Duke, Florida, Michigan State, Tennessee, UCLA and Wisconsin.

Looney has long been considered a Duke lean but many thought the Wolverines could be in contention for an official visit after a summer push by the Wolverine coaching staff.

Michigan has four outstanding offers in the class to Devin Booker, Kameron Chatman, Trevon Bluiett and Vince Edwards. Bluiett announced that Michigan is in his final seven, Chatman is planning an official visit to Ann Arbor and Booker wants to take both of his parents on an official visit.

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  • DingoBlue

    Unfortunate, but not unexpected. He didn’t reach campus and get an offer.

    • This isn’t about not having an offer. More about Looney having a better relationship with some other programs. UCLA is the only school that jumps out at me as a surprise. I believe Looney had an in-home, or unofficially visited, every other school on his list.

      • DingoBlue

        I guess that is kind of what I meant. Michigan never got an unofficial visit from him so it never seemed the interest was very high. We just kept getting listed.

        • Yeah, the key was never getting an in-home in the spring IMO. Looney took very few unofficials… I think Wisconsin early in his career and then Tennessee because he has family there.

          • mattD

            Dylan – do you think something occured that altered our standing with Looney? I say this because Sam Webb, who is generally very reliable, stated that Michigan “would be in it until th end”. Additionally, Jerry Meyer cited Milwaukee sources a few weeks back that it was a 2 horse race between Duke and Michigan.
            Seems strange………
            Moving forward, do you think we put the full court press on Chatman, with Edwards as Plan B for the PF spot?

  • A2JD


  • Jay Z

    More like Michigan drops Looney. AMIRITE!@?!?

  • Mark Worthley

    I wonder how much of a drop-off Duke will experience once coach K retires.

  • Steve2081

    Sucks but at least he dropped us now instead of picking Duke over us in a month or two.

  • A2JD

    I know Michigan still has Doyle but this seems to make getting either Zimmerman, Stone or Thomas the top priority. That is, if M wants to remain a top 10 program.

  • section13row15

    As long as he doesn’t go to MSU, I’m good with it.