Corey Sanders Reebok Breakout Classic Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Class of 2015 point guard Corey Sanders told reporters at the Reebok Breakout Classic that Michigan was recruiting him the hardest. The ’15 guard had a big week in Philadelphia, showing off his athleticism throughout the showcase event. Watch Sanders in action in the following highlight reel from Iowa Elites:

  • Steve2081

    Still 95% dunks. Half of them didn’t even take place during a game and several that did were completely uncontested.

    • mattd

      I say this with all due respect – what is your point? I just don’t understand the so called “problem” with the majority of Sanders’ buckets being close to the basket.
      I would be thrilled to have Devin Booker join the Michigan family, and the potential is obvious, but let’s be honest here……..when we watch Devin on film it is usually filled with horrible shot selection, and perhaps even more disturbing he only connects on roughly 1/3 of his shots. I have not seen anyone take issue with Booker despite the fact that 90% of his shots are from the perimeter.
      I think Sanders is exactly what we need, an ultra athletic guard that can create his own shot, and perhaps more importantly, finish. I would love for opponents to pressure a kid like that, he has excellent ball handling ability, and once the press is broken, he knows how to finish.

      • DingoBlue

        I can see what Steve is saying though. I think I counted 4 assists in that vid, and while I don’t need tons of assists in highlight vids to get me excited, they help sell me on a player being a well-rounded PG. It looked like he may have been playing the 2 in these highlights, and that seemed to be his mentality, so maybe that’s why these highlights were so scoring oriented.

        We have three good prospects in Brunson, Barefield, and Sanders in 2015, still would be happy with any of the three. However, I’d still put Brunson and Barefield in my want column ahead of Sanders at this second. But I think Barefield and Sanders are more likely to commit if offered as I agree with others that I don’t think Brunson’s timetable will work for Michigan if he keeps to it.

        • jblair52

          a 6’2″ PG that can jump out of the gym…I wonder what his highlight video will be…

          And it’s not like Sanders is making the video. Sheesh.

          I’d rather watch him throw down some jams than see him dish haha

          • DingoBlue

            Hah, fair enough. I think a nice dish is pretty exciting as well though myself. Different spokes…

  • c_weezy618

    Perfect fit for Michigan!

    • Jay Z

      Kind of lacking in the humility department, don’t you think?