Scouting Video: Sedrick Barefield at Adidas Invitational


Sedrick Barefield had an up and down weekend at the Adidas Invitational in Indianapolis but had plenty of strong moments. Here’s a compilation of makes, misses, assists and more from Barefield in Indianapolis.


  • CP4

    Goes right every single time! Nothing special!

    • LS2

      Really?!? The fact that he went buy his man every time means nothing huh? It’s all tarnished by the notion that his crossover is always left to right. And just a guess, but I will bet the defender was trying to force him left and still gets beat repeatedly to the right.

  • DingoBlue

    Thanks for the video footage. While I respect others’ opinions on the board, I still definitely think Barefield deserves an offer and would be stoked to have him. Has a good handle and looks to get others involved. Any other high-major prospects on his AAU team?

  • Big night for Luke Kennard. Izzo, Coach K and Coach Cal all offered after a big weekend at Peach Jam.

  • Bluebufoon

    A nice player but I still would prefer Jalen Brunson and Cory Sanders over Barefield .

  • BlueMan

    He doesn’t hit a shot until the free throws. Turns it over on a bad pass and shoots one air ball before that. Really?

    • geoffclarke

      This is a scouting video, not a highlight reel. I’m sure you could find hundreds of such similarly bad stretches from high-D1 players this past season. It’s clear from all the video footage out there of this kid he has elite handles and passing abilities and probably most of all, vision.

  • Northern Blue

    For me, he is the best point guard they are after in 2015. I hope we can have him down for an early football game and then get a commitment.