ESPN: LaVall Jordan is Butler’s top target to replace Brad Stevens

Dylan Burkhardt

Dallas Open Practice - #11Jeff Goodman reports that LaVall Jordan is Butler’s top candidate to replace Brad Stevens, who accepted a job with the Boston Celtics on Wednesday.

Sources told that Collier, who has been the AD since 2006, will almost certainly keep it in the Butler family — and the front-runner is Michigan assistant LaVall Jordan, a former Butler player from 1998 to 2001.

It almost certainly would have been Matthew Graves, but Stevens’ top assistant left this past offseason for a head coaching job at South Alabama, and Graves told that he was definitely staying at South Alabama.

There are other options. Barry Collier, who was 196-132 in his tenure, could take the reigns for the year. The ever-important July recruiting period begins exactly one week after Stevens left for the NBA, so getting someone in place quickly could help in that regard.

Lickliter is another option to return. He took the program to a pair of Sweet 16s and was 131-61 in six seasons before heading to Iowa, where he failed in the Big Ten.

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  • DingoBlue

    Shucks. I think it will be hard to keep Jordan at Michigan if he’s at the top of their list. If he does take the job, it will be a great decision for him, but a blow to the UM program.

    • gobluemd16

      My thoughts exactly.. Would be a very wise career move, but definitely a big blow to Michigan’s coaching staff. Not only is Butler his alma mater, but a fantastic first coaching job.

      • Bird

        Perhaps a good place to groom himself for his second coaching job…

  • Kenny

    it would be a tough loss for Michigan, but I will congratulate coach Jordan wholeheartedly, and wish him the best.

  • Northern Blue

    Well that sucks. Best of luck to him if hes hired.

  • mirepoix

    Crap. Would hate to lose ‘Vall, but I guess we all knew something like this was gonna happen sooner or later. Would be a tough opportunity to turn down.

  • rick dunaway


    • Steve2081

      Bishop Gorman’s head coach. : )

      • rick dunaway

        weres he from what state

        • Steve2081

          Las Vegas, NV

    • Christian porter

      Jalen Rose or Juwan Howard.

    • Webbdog

      If we were to lose Lavall I think Beilein should look to Jalen Rose as a replacement. Or Jalens former McDonalds All-American teammate Rick Brunson whose son we just so happen to be recruiting for the 2015 class.

    • geoffclarke

      Stu Douglass or Zack Novak

  • Steve2081

    This makes me a sad Panda. I mean I know he’s going to move on at some point. I’m just not ready yet!

  • GregGoBlue

    If you had told me 6 months ago that we would lose Lavall Jordan to Butler after Brad Stevens goes to the Celtics I would have slapped you across the face…

  • MIkeInOhio

    If Coach Vall left Michigan would be short handed this month with JB in Russia with the world team.
    Michigan’s staff is one of the best in college basketball. This would be a big blow

  • Steven Uhlmann

    If Jordan goes to Butler, what about Travis Conlan replacing him at UM?

    • Wayman Britt

      I don’t know. I don’t have any inside information, but with the way he left UM, no immediate coaching position, I thought something wasn’t right. If he and Beilein were both high on each other seems he would have stuck it out because Lavell and Bacari were going to leave someday. He did not show patience, but it might not have been his choice.

    • Fresh

      I would assume Saddi washington from Oakland is going to be the first interview to replace LJ. He was border line almost hired before we got BA and LJ a few years ago. Former player/guard coaches guards, oaklands guards are always nice. plus he is a michigan native…….if anybody reads this and can throw this around over on scout….im sick of reading peoples comments over there…..they seem pretty dumb………….Dylan any thoughts?

  • Wayman Britt

    Would hate to see Jordan go this fast, but understand completely. Butler would be a great job for him.

    If Jordan does go, Beilein should not be in a hurry and feel he has to get someone immediately.

  • mich fan

    why not start telling one assistant that if they stay they can take over for beilien since he has made up his retirement date?

    • CarlBleich

      I think they might do that with BA. Just my opinion.

      • Fresh

        They should be doing that with BA if they aren’t

  • CarlBleich

    Totally understand if Coach LaVall takes this opportunity. Once and a lifetime thing to coach at your alma mater. I wonder how this would affect the Trevon Bluiett recruitment. Once Michigan assembled these great assistants and they started killing it on the recruiting trail and on the court you had to figure a day like this was coming.

  • Chazer

    Of course congratulations are in order for LJ if indeed he takes the job. You cant blame him, great job, great hoop shool! Will probably make over a million a year from his current $200k position.

    Of course big concern on the recruiting side, maybe even more so than the coaching side. I wonder how much influence he had building the guards. Though JB is an excellent guard teaher….I recall LJ having an impact on the recruiting side!

    To bad JB is out of town….