Tim Hardaway Jr. introduced as a New York Knick

Dylan Burkhardt

Tim Hardaway Jr. was formally introduced as a New York Knick during a press conference at Madison Square Garden this afternoon.

After the jump watch Hardaway Sr.’s thoughts on his son as well as Knicks GM Glen Grunwald’s thoughts on the pick.

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  • Don

    I saw some photos on Facebook (Michigan Basketball) that showed Timmy taking #5, even though I don’t see a #10 currently on the roster. Wonder why he’d change numbers…

  • Scott

    #10 is retired. It was Walt Frazier’s number

    • Don

      That would do it. Thanks!

  • Fresh

    does anybody know where we can buy jerseys yet? do they have them for sale yet?

  • Chazer

    Congrats to Jr for making the first round and that million dollar contract. From the Knicks perspective he was the best player available and maybe the best rookie to handle the NY stage. He was certainly prpeared given his 3 years at Michigan and growing up an NBA kid. Along with his skill set I think he has a good chance to stick around given the intangibles.

    I’m sure the MVP in Brooklyn and the National championship helped his stock.

    Curious how many 3 star high school kids get drafted in the first round from the same team in the same year? Michigan just helped themselves for the future! Coach fundamentals and team ball and everyone wins!!

    Two more next year!