Video: Kameron Chatman at Rose City Showcase

Dylan Burkhardt

Here’s footage of recent Michigan offer Kameron Chatman at the Rose City Showcase last weekend. Chatman led his ICP Elite squad to a championship win over I-5 Elite in the event. Thanks to Tim Brown of Oregon Live for passing along the footage.


  • DingoBlue

    I know it’s not something to read into, but he did mention Michigan twice when asked about recruiting. I’m guessing his visit still has an impression on him as of this video. He would be a great get even though he has (now) less of an outside shot than GRIII.

  • John

    He has less of a perimeter shot than some of the recent power forwards like Robinson, Smotrcyz, Sims, etc.
    Chatman does offer so many things like size and the ability to score down low, vision to pass, take an opponent off the dribble, rebound/defend. He has a unique skill set that combined with other perimeter guys would be a great fit. He is a pass first player.
    As they like to say, a point forward.

    • ChocoJoe

      Didn’t Robinson not have much of an outside shot in high school?

      • Glenn shot over 75% of his FGAs inside the arc his senior year of HS and shot just 27% on threes.

  • fresh

    you can always improve your shooting, some other things you are just born with…..not concerned about his shooting, but i would hope he puts in the extra work in getting shots up