Can Trey Burke overcome a lack of size and quickness?

Dylan Burkhardt

Sports Illustrated’s Andy Glockner examines Trey Burke’s NBA upside:

Teams looking for a point guard in the first round of the draft will face an interesting dilemma. Burke clearly is a more polished player at this point than Syracuse’s Michael Carter-Williams, the other prime option on the board. But, even though he lacks a reasonable jump shot at this point, is Carter-Williams’ combination of great size, court vision and defensive potential a better bet?

It may come down to what the team picking is interested in. Carter-Williams likely has a much bigger “bust factor” than Burke, but his “boom factor” appears to be higher as well. Burke’s overall range of career possibilities seems much tighter, and therefore safer. How much you love Burke depends on where you think his range begins.

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  • Northern Blue

    Teams are going to get burned for questioning his athleticism. He proved his size isn’t a concern at the combine with being 6’1″ in shoes with a large wingspan, and since when did a 36.5″ vertical and the third quickest sprint time among point guards make you unathletic. Add to that, that he is one of those guys that looks like he is quicker with the ball in his hands than without and is a master at changing speeds and adept at pulling up off the dribble. He is a master of the pick and roll – the most used play in the NBA. I keep on saying he reminds me of Tony Parker with less speed but more range.

    • gobluemd16

      Great comparison, I can really see that. I definitely would NOT want to be the team that passed on Trey Burke. Kid just knows how to play the game and win for his team.

    • Dave

      Yes, he’s plenty fast enough and as you note, he’s able to change speeds quickly and lose a defender. Also, with his wingspan and leaping ability he plays taller than his height. Anybody who doubts his defensive potential after his incredible block (best defensive play of the tournament yet called a foul) in the title game has to be crazy. Add in his high basketball IQ and insane competitiveness and it’s incredibly foolish to bet against him.

      It’s obvious that the author of the article isn’t nearly as familiar with Burke as many of us who’ve watched him consistently for a couple years.

      Burke seems to have his doubters at every level and I believe he will, yet again, prove them completely wrong.

  • Wayman Britt

    I would not count out Burke.

  • MTung

    Mr. Britt is correct. Those who underestimate Trey Burke do so at their own peril.