Tim Hardaway Jr. Scouting Report and Video

Dylan Burkhardt

Draft Express goes in-depth on Tim Hardaway Jr.:

Despite his inconsistency, there is no questioning Hardaway’s overall size, talent, skill level, and the body of work he’s put together over the course of his college career. He’s a well-rounded weapon who can stretch the floor, get out on the fast break with his athleticism, make smart passes, and put the ball on the floor to score.

Full scouting report here

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  • DingoBlue

    One correction to the vid. Tim missed one solitary game in his Michigan career.

  • Chris

    I miss last years team already. We should have beat Louisville! Still not over losing that game, also still can’t believe we played for a title. It’s all way to much. That game was ours. Still sick that Stauskas sat the bench in the second half, still don’t get it? Like I said, that was our game and we can’t have it back.