High-flying 2015 guard Corey Sanders “loves” Michigan’s coaching staff


Remember Dwayne Bacon, the standout 2015 wing prospect from Florida? Meet his best friend, high school classmate and AAU teammate Corey Sanders — a talented point guard in his own right.

Sanders and Bacon are both playing for the Showtime Ballers this AAU season, and both are making an impact. Their bond is so tight that most schools recruiting them are going after the two Florida natives as a package.

“We’ve got a good relationship, that’s my best friend. I been going against him since fourth grade and we’ve been playing together ever since,” Sanders said of his relationship with Bacon. “We have built a really good bond over the years. We know how each other plays. I play off him, he plays off me and we just build each other up.”

Marquette and Memphis have already offered both Bacon and Sanders as a pair, and that list is growing. Michigan is one of the schools recruiting the pair together.

To Sanders, playing with Bacon in college is preferred, but not essential.

“That’s big because that’s someone who I can trust and go away with, who can go on the road with me. We don’t have to play together but that’s even better,” Sanders said. “When we play together we play better. When things go wrong, that’s all we really know: to play together. If we go to the same school I think that’d be great.”

Sanders holds offers from Memphis, Marquette, Murray State, Georgia Southern and James Madison. Of the schools showing interest in him but who haven’t yet extended an offer, Sanders listed Michigan, Louisville, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Florida, Xavier and Georgia.

According to Sanders, schools are attracted to his scoring ability from the point guard position — the Lakeland, FL native likened himself to Michigan’s recently-departed point guard, Trey Burke.

“Some say I’m a scoring point guard, like a Trey Burke type, the evolution of the point guard, stuff like that. That’s what I hear,” Sanders said. “I’m in the gym trying to work on my handles and my shot selection. Trying to get my IQ better. I know that will separate me from other point guards.”

Sanders has had regular contact with Michigan’s coaching staff, specifically assistant coach Bacari Alexander, and the Wolverines made it clear that they’ll be tracking him and Bacon in the July evaluation period.

“Coach Bacari. I call him like every two weeks,” Sanders said. “We’ll talk about how I did in the Friday game and what I need to work on and things like that.

“I love Michigan’s coaching staff. They’re nice, they work with me,” Sanders said. “When we talk, it’s usually like business, how everything will work out, the school, the system, all the players who were there before me — especially with the point guard position how Trey Burke was there. Looking at his game compared to mine and things like that.”

Sanders reported that neither he nor Bacon will be able to attend Michigan’s College Practice Camp this weekend because they’ll be participating in a Reebok Showcase Camp, an obligation due to their AAU team’s sponsorship. However, Sanders did say he would like to plan a visit for the near future.

“Hopefully we can schedule something like a meeting so we can go up there and meet the coaching staff,” Sanders said. “They always talk about getting us on campus.”

For Sanders, Michigan offers a two-pronged advantage: good coaching and good academics.

“I like the coaching staff and the program, because I know what they’re willing to do to develop their players,” Sanders said. “That’s what my main focus is, being a good college player and going to school. They have good academics, which is also something I focus on.”

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  • A2JD

    He’s certainly got an amazing handle and great leaping ability. I’m not sure if that clip ever showed him making a jump-shot. I’d also prefer a little less of him looking for wherever the camera is. Have fun but keep your head in the game. That won’t work too well beyond AAU ball or the And-1 tour.

    • Steve2081

      It also didn’t show much of him setting his teammates up outside of a few fast break alley oops. Right now he looks like more of a 2 guard with legit PG abilities than an actual PG to me.

      And yeah I’m not a fan of the hot dogging either.

    • geoffclarke

      Agree. I don’t mind a player having fun and a little showmanship, as long as it’s additional to good play, not instead of.

  • EchoWhiskey

    Serious athletic talent and handles, but I’m pretty sure most of those crossovers would either be called palming or get stolen at the college level. I’m not worried about the hot dogging since I trust Beilein isn’t offering a player if he doesn’t fit the character mold we’ve seen in our players since he arrived.

  • Dr_ZC

    Killer crossover, leaping lizard, great court vision, smack talker extraordinaire, ankle buster. He looks like he can bring some fab five vibe into the game, but if he joins Michigan, JB will grow some white hair until he plays under control.
    Not sure how his defense is, but I am guessing he can stick to his man like a chewing gum with his speed. Not too much of a shooter, but if he can penetrate, dish (which he can) and limit turnovers, he will be a star.

  • Champswest

    Just a sophomore, so maybe he will mature and out grow the show time attitude. A lot of his crossover, change of direction, etc., seemed to be done for show, not for any particular team benefit. Right now, he looks like a good fit for Ole Miss.

  • Mr_Sledge

    The kid definitely knows where the cameras are…