Tim Hardaway Jr. NBA Draft Workout

Dylan Burkhardt

Via City League Hoops:

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  • Ken

    Um, did he miss one shot?

  • mike

    it looks like hes barely leaving his feet on those jumpers. i don’t recall that as the case from during the season. I wonder if that is an adjustment he’s made to improve his consistency.

    • Northern Blue

      Yeah, who knows what he was doing all day leading up to then. I don’t think he will shoot like that in the pros, everything was slower, just practice drills focusing on form I am guessing. He has great elevation and a high release point on his shot… I don’t think he wants to change that. These Michigan boys sure know how to do shooting drills well. Really hoping Tim can stick in the league. If he hits that jumper at a good rate and plays solid defence he should be fine.

    • serious

      No – Hardaway gets excellent elevation on his jumpers. This is not something that he would want to eliminate – I think he will have little trouble getting off his shot in the NBA with his length and vertical leap on his jumper.

  • A2JD

    His game says NBA but his shoes say Euroleague. :-)

  • mike

    Video was obviously edited to only show makes. Boo.