Trey Burke at the NBA Draft Combine

Dylan Burkhardt

Via Draft Express:

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  • ZRL

    I think it would benefit Trey to participate in the skill workouts and remind all the scouts that are focused on potential that he’s the best basketball player in the draft today. It’s not like he’s going to get exposed by guys that he spent the last 6 months dominating. It seems like now all the top prospects skip the skill workouts because that’s what all the other lottery picks are doing.

    • Brad S

      I think you answer your own question. At this point, scouts have seen Burke dominate for 6 months so they already know he can play. There’s really not much upside to participating in the workouts

      • cameron krooks

        true.. if he were to go out there and mess up it may hurt him a bit. he’s already a top 5 pick and if the MAGIC or new orleans or Utah gets the first selection he might be the first pick.. really no point

    • dafug

      I’ve heard agents don’t like their guys going up against other guys who have ‘nothing to lose’ and who might be reckless getting a shot to go up against somebody who’s supposed to be drafted ahead of them. He’s really got nothing to gain at this point. No other PG is anywhere near him. He’ll be the first PG off the board so not worth the risk imo.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Love how poised and confident he is. Pretty well-spoken. Compared to the other potential top picks, I think he might interview better than all of them.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Going to miss him (voice cracking)…