EYBL Roundup: Dallas

Dylan Burkhardt

A summary of how Michigan recruiting targets performed in Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League over the weekend.

College coaches weren’t allowed on the evaluation trail over the weekend but that didn’t reduce the talent on display at the Nike EYBL. In the third of four sessions, all 40 teams moved steadily closer to qualifying for the Peach Jam in July.

Nike EYBL Session 3 Per Game Averages

Devin Booker 4 27.5 19.5 4.8 7.0 16.3 43% 1.5 5.3 29% 48% 4.0 5.5 73% 2.3
Trevon Bluiett 4 25.5 14.5 4.8 5.5 10.5 52% 2.8 5.8 48% 65% 0.8 1.5 50% 3.3
Vince Edwards 4 26.8 9.3 7.5 3.0 8.8 34% 0.3 2.8 9% 36% 3.0 4.3 71% 0.8
Kameron Chatman 4 33.3 14.8 6.8 5.5 13.3 42% 0.5 2.0 25% 43% 3.3 4.8 68% 1.5
Tyler Dorsey 4 29.5 19.5 6.0 6.3 12.8 49% 0.8 3.8 20% 52% 6.3 8.8 71% 1.5
Jalen Brunson 4 20.0 9.0 2.5 2.5 6.3 40% 0.3 2.5 10% 42% 3.8 5.5 68% 4.5

Notes & Observations:

  • Trevon Bluiett continues to score at a lethally efficient rate. He averaged just shy of 15 points per game and continued his hot three point shooting at 48%. Bluiett’s 65% effective field goal percentage is a good barometer for his efficiency as he helped Spiece to a 4-0 record in Dallas to hold onto first place in Division A.
  • Devin Booker cooled off a bit from three point range (29% for the weekend) but he still scored the ball effectively. Booker still managed to average nearly 20 points per game thanks to his ability to get to the free throw line. Booker not only got to the free throw line more often than he has this summer, he was also more aggressive on the glass.

  • Vince Edwards had a rough weekend offensively, averaging just nine points per game with a 36% effective field goal percentage. Edwards did have a strong rebounding performance, averaging just shy of eight points per game,
  • Kameron Chatman saw a slight down tick in production thanks to the addition of Tyler Dorsey to ICP Elite’s roster but he’ll gladly trade a few points per game for two more wins. Chatman still hasn’t found three point shooting consistency but does so many other positive things on the floor.
  • Jalen Brunson is one of the top five setup men on the EYBL Circuit and continued that trend in Dallas. Brunson’s assist to turnover ratio in EYBL play is 5.1:2, an impressive mark considering the fact that Brunson is just a 2015 player and AAU basketball doesn’t have the reputation for being the most disciplined.
  • Tyler Dorsey scored and rebounded the ball proficiently in his first weekend on the EYBL Circuit. Dorsey is a top ten prospect in the class of 2015 and showed no issues producing against the very top talent in the country while playing up a grade at the 17U level.

Scouts Say

Hoopniks on Devin Booker:

Devin Booker, 6′-4″, 2014, SG, Moss Point (MS)/Alabama Challenge – Perhaps the best catch and shoot threat in the ’14 class, Booker is nearly automatic to hit 3-pointers when given space and time. He is a skilled offensive player that can handle, though he didn’t necessarily score much off the bounce. Instead, Booker possesses an advanced understanding of spacing, and movement to create scoring opportunities. Booker isn’t overly flashy, but fits in like a cog, and scores without boastfulness or show.

Eric Bossi on Kameron Chatman:

What you have to love about the 6-foot-6 (and growing) Chatman is his versatility. At times, he brings the ball up the floor and initiates the offense, others he plays on the wing, and then he plays in the high post and the offense is run through him there. He is also a way-above-average rebounder for a wing.

Jerry Meyer on Chatman:

An intriguing prospect to say the least. Chatman is an athletic 6-7 lefty with a great feel for the game and a high skill level. The one chink in his game right now is a lack of range on his jumper.

Chatman said that Washington, Oregon and Michigan are recruiting him the hardest and that he plans to unofficially visit Michigan June 1. Connecticut, Arizona and Gonzaga have also recently offered, and Louisville is showing interest.


Up Next: Session Four of the Nike EYBL takes place May 24th through 26th in Minnesota.

  • cameron brooks

    Chances we Get 1 or more commitment of Lonney, Booker or blueitte??

    • Steve2081

      I’d say the chances of getting 1 of the 3 are pretty good. Landing 2 might be tough considering it’s going to have to be Looney and one of the other 2 and I still think Looney is the least likely.

      But I just don’t think we have any intention of taking Booker and Bluiett. Nor do I think there is any chance that they’d both want to come here. One of them just would not get to play as freshman.

      • Northern Blue

        Yeah, I think 2 scholarships are available. One for Bluiett/ Booker, and one for Edwards, Chatman, Looney. I think it will be Edwards or Chatman for the one, and am not even sure if we land either Booker or Bluiett for the other.

        Chatman seems to be growing and improving rapidly. Hopefully he really likes Michigan when he comes for his visit. Love the reports about his bball IQ and rebounding.

        • Love that Nike invited Chatman to the point guard skills academy… Means that his ball skills are the real deal.

  • Mr_Sledge

    I know we keep discussing future recruits, but what’s the latest with Austin Hatch? I don’t think he played any games this past season and how likely is it that he’ll ever be able to play college level basketball? Is there precedence from other cases like this where he can receive some sort of financial assistance, but free up the scholarship?

    • Steve2081

      I assume he’d get the same deal as Cronin where he can be on scholarship but gives up all eligibility. Ben basically became another assistant.

    • jblair52

      I don’t think we’ll hear for a while that Austin is NOT going to play.
      1) they aren’t talking about it much
      2) wanting to keep things positive – he’s still recovering so to have that “hope” or “chance” of playing college ball helps give drive to a kid that’s been through WAY too much.

      I think we all know how it will end up…but never say never and hope Hatch puts on the Maize and Blue!