Video Roundup: Spiece Run-n-Slam Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

We posted a fair amount of content from the last weekend’s Spiece Run-n-Slam Memorial Classic throughout the last week but here’s a roundup of highligth videos from elsewhere including Vince Edwards, Trevon Bluiett, Jalen Brunson, Kevon Looney, Eron Gordon and more.

Vince Edwards

Jalen Brunson

Trevon Bluiett

Kevon Looney

Eron Gordon

Riley Norris

Norris reportedly is hearing from Michigan and Notre Dame along with a host of other schools after his big spring.

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  • cameron brooks

    LONNEY TREVON and BOOKER.. just get two please! id prefer Looney and booker or Trevon is fine

    • Steve2081

      I think all we want is 2 of the 3. I still don’t think they have any intention of taking Booker and Bluiett. They have pretty redundant skill sets and one of the 2 just wouldn’t get any PT as freshman behind Irvin, Stuaskas, Levert, and the other freshman.

  • Steve2081

    All 6 guys look good.

    Brunson is my favorite though. He’s got as much polish on his game as a Sophomore as Burke did as a senior.

  • J

    Does Trevon Bluiett remind anyone else of LaVell Blanchard?

  • Northern Blue

    Looney would be a great get, but I think Duke will be tough to beat in his recruitment. Also, I really like Edwards game as a 4 year player as a staple at the 4. I’d also like to see some footage of Chatman, who sounds really intriguing with his ball skills and rebounding. Both guys look like they have really long arms which I like at the 4 spot for Beileins offence. I actually think I prefer Bluietts game to Booker’s as well, especially after hearing he did a great job defensively on Looney which is really impressive.

  • Ben

    Factoid. Vince Edwards older brother Billy Edwards used to play at PennSt and now plays at Miami ohio. He is a terrific player but has been injury plagued throughout his college career. Also. Vince Edwards father is wright states all time leading scorer and had stint in pro ball.

  • CDeSana

    I must be the only person who would walk away form Edwards.

    • Steve2081

      Probably. I mean I am mildly annoyed that picking between Michigan and Purdue is such are hard choice for him but I do like his game. I’d rather have Looney or Chatman though.