Scouting Video: Vince Edwards at Spiece Run-n-Slam

Dylan Burkhardt

Vince Edwards helped All Ohio Red win the Spiece Run-n-Slam Championship last weekend in Fort Wayne and showed off a little bit of everything in his game. Watch Edwards in action in the embedded media player below.

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  • Steve2081

    Does he look comfortable guarding bigger guys? That is really my only question with Vince. He has more than enough skill on offense to be a threat at the 4.

    • jblair52

      Good question – mine as well…

      • He guarded a lot of different positions and guarded them fairly well. I didn’t get a chance to see him matched up against any great back to the basket players but he was fine defending more average back to the basket guys. Think he’d have to be a little more physical obviously in the Big Ten but that will come.

  • Chris De Sana

    I think there are better options in this class

  • Brian

    I was lukewarm about Edwards based on recent reports of his play. After seeing this video though, I would be glad to add Edwards to the class