Scouting Video: Kevon Looney at Spiece Run-n-Slam


Kevon Looney showed off his talent at the Spiece Run-n-Slam Classic in Fort Wayne over the weekend – demonstrating his length, versatility and offensive skill. Watch footage of Looney in action in our scouting video featuring every make, miss and defensive play that we caught on camera while watching Looney over the weekend.

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  • colin

    That was a pretty rough go of it against Blueitt. Highlights the stuff he needs to work on to really dominate on offense. He seems to know what to do if he can out-quick his defender and that’s clearly what he’s used to. But if height is his advantage, he’s less clear on how to make that work.

    Of course even if he never learns that stuff it wouldn’t matter much playing the 4 for Beilein. Such a perfect fit there.

    • Always going to be some misses during a LONG weekend of AAU play but Looney’s ability is special. If his guards didn’t love jacking up shots he could get even more opportunities.

  • Wayman Britt

    I would love Mr. Looney to join the UM basketball team. He would make an all Big Ten team for sure.