Scouting Video: Jalen Coleman at Adidas Spring Classic


Jalen Coleman was the top performer for Indiana Elite over the weekend in Indianapolis, showing off his versatile offensive game with his new AAU team at the Adidas Spring Classic. Coleman can slash to the basket, shoot the three, or score in the mid-range. Watch footage of Coleman in action from games on Saturday and Sunday in Indianapolis.


  • Like what I see. Would be a very nice addition!

  • Steve2081

    I still like him more as a 2 than a 1. Hope he keeps growing.

    • Don’t see him projecting as a one at the next level. Definitely a two, maybe a three if he grows.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Kid looks really good.

  • gobluemd16

    Wow, I am really really impressed by him. He’s so smooth, he could be a star.