Nik Stauskas makes 70 of 76 threes in the rain

Dylan Burkhardt

Nik Stauskas is back home and has already released a new YouTube video.

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  • JDR

    I’d settle for like 60/76 at Crisler…

  • Wayman Britt

    This is impressive, but if Nik wants to improve his game he should be dribble driving to the hoop while his two friends hit him in the gut with a football pad to get use to making shoots with contact. As we all know the Big Ten is not going to leave him open to shoot uncontested threes.

    • jblair52

      True. He should probably build a replica arena in his backyard. And never shoot unless it’s a challenged shot. And only if challenged by someone 6’4″ or taller. Otherwise he’s just wasting his time…

      • Indiana_Matt

        I was thinking the same thing :)

      • gobluetwo

        Doesn’t need to be a 6’4″ defender. Could just be an average-sized guy with really long paddles. ;)

  • I responded on his page that the next video should be 75 pull up 15 footers. But Nik got wide open shots all season, just had a rough patch and it happened in the big ten season. There are more shots for him next season, so we should see as many games where he mises 2 and coach B leaves him on the bench for 20 minutes. I’m amazed that Nik not only hit the first 46, but knew the exact number he hit without watching it back. To focus on shooting and be keeping track of a number that big is pretty crazy

    • David

      I’m sure the mid-range game will be one of the things he emphasizes this summer. Just about the only thing missing in his game right now.

      Stauskas might be able to model his game on Seth Curry a bit. Both have similar releases on their jumpers (quick, but not too much lift). Curry’s got a great floater and pull-up that Stauskas could also work to develop.

  • ColinNer

    I just noticed that Nik’s backyard court has the 3 point line at 19′ 9″. I think he should move back a foot for a true 3 pointer. Anyhow, 70/76 long, long 2-pointers is really impressive.

    • Brandon

      I think it might be an issue with available space in his driveway/backyard. You can already see that the right side of the 3 point line is cut off my the half wall there

  • Dang, some of you guys are harsh :-) He just got home for vacation and is getting shots up in the rain and having a good time.

    • I agree, love that Nik (and a lot of our guys) are hoops junkies. Still the only thing that bugs me about Walton is the game I saw him at, he didn’t pay attention or react to anything happening in the game

      • q-sac

        i think players just have different mentalities during the game. stu douglass displayed no emotion during games. ever. nik… i think we all know both that he is not just a shooter, but that he also has “swag.” i love both players – just because one shows how he is feeling doesn’t mean he’s more into the game.

        • You guys could be correct, I’m the same way emotion wise when playing basketball, but as a junkie, I pay attention and get excited while watching, could be nothing (hope it’s nothing) just something that struck me funny

      • CAMERAOV

        some players don’t show a lot of emotion.. just like glenn didn’t. that doesn’t mean they are not into it. some players are emotional others are not

  • Indiana_Matt

    I just like enthusiasm for the game. Keep puttin’ em up Nik!

  • ChathaM

    He landed on two feet every time, which is completely different from his game form, where he often lands on one foot. Interesting.


    Nik very impressive, but please make sure you find someone 6’3 and taller preferably to run at u and challenge your shots!! i doubt the best shooter in the nation will get 76 WIDEEE OPEN shots :) good luck

  • troy

    What’s the record on this drill by a Beilein player?

    • bftn

      I believe the record is 79 in 5 minutes (held by Nik).

  • hailtoyourvictor

    You guys really ARE harsh. How quick you forget Florida….

  • DingoBlue

    Nik if you’re reading these comments, please don’t pay any attention. I for one am so pleased you’re focused on next season already. Don’t forget the other stuff between basketball seasons. That said, I think you have all the tools to be one of the all time scoring greats at Michigan. However, I hope you’re talented enough that you don’t stay four years.

  • Lester Abram

    Nik Stauskas is one of my favorite players on the team. From the Michigan videos and his own videos, he seems to live/breathe basketball. This will do well for the success of himself and of Michigan. He set the bar high with his non-conference play, but his play in the B1G didn’t adjust well to the physical nature that the B1G refs permit.
    I anticipate him working on defense, dribbling and a mid-range game this summer. He’s going to be an All-B1G-first-team player before it’s all said and done. Watch out, B1G foes!

  • jblair52

    New meaning to…LET IT RAIN! (haha)

  • Champswest

    That’s great Nik. But, if Irvin can hit 30 out of 76 AND play defense, who do you think is going to get the minutes?

  • Brian_W

    Article on Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry tweeting Stauskas and challenging him to a 3-point contest…

    • Northern Blue

      Just saw that… pretty cool stuff. Nik would be a great contest shooter.

  • mikey_mac

    Love it. Keep knocking ’em down, Nik.