Class of 2013 Big Ten Recruiting Rankings: April 24th, 2013


Last year is in the books and 2013 recruiting is nearly finalized. Rivals, Scout and ESPN have all updated their recruiting rankings for the class of 2013, so we took the time to update our Class of 2013 Big Ten Recruiting Rankings.

Rank School # Commits Rivals Avg. Scout Avg. ESPN Avg. Rankings Avg. Class Ave. Score Class Cum. Score
1 Indiana 6 3.83 3.83 3.83 3.83 134.82 1580
2 Illinois 5 3.60 3.40 3.60 3.53 114.42 1275
3 Michigan 3 4.33 4.00 4.00 4.11 105.60 845
4 Purdue 3 4.00 3.67 3.33 3.67 92.64 785
5 Wisconsin 5 3.00 3.00 2.80 2.93 90.35 1105
6 Ohio State 2 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 81.52 540
7 Penn State 4 3.00 2.75 2.25 2.67 74.52 855
8 Nebraska 4 2.50 2.50 3.00 2.67 70.17 805
9 Michigan State 1 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 45.30 245
10 Iowa 1 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 42.53 230
10 Northwestern 1 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 42.53 230
12 Minnesota 1 3.00 3.00 2.00 2.67 37.48 215

After the jump we look team-by-team across the league as well as a breakdown of the top ten incoming recruits in the conference.

Top 10 Incoming Prospects

Noah Vonleh is the only consensus five star headed to the Big Ten but Michigan commitments round out two of the top three spots in the league. Here’s a breakdown including ranks at all three major scouting services and average rankings and composite score.

Name School Avg Score Rivals Scout ESPN Avg Rank
Noah Vonleh Indiana 100 8 7 8 8
Zak Irvin Michigan 96.7 24 49 24 32
Derrick Walton Michigan 95.0 37 42 35 38
Troy Williams Indiana 93.3 47 66 42 52
Kendrick Nunn Illinois 90.0 60 51 61 57
Marc Loving Ohio State 90.0 67 64 62 64
Kendall Stephens Purdue 90.0 61 68 66 65
Malcolm Hill Illinois 90.0 62 72 68 67
Stanford Robinson Indiana 90.0 56 59 98 71
Kameron Williams Ohio State 90.0 79 87 58 75


Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Devin Davis SF IN 3 3 3
Luke Fischer C WI 4 4 4
Collin Hartman SF IN 3 3 3
Stanford Robinson SG VA 4 4 4
Noah Vonleh PF MA 5 5 5
Troy Williams SF VA 4 4 4

Luke Fischer adds 4th star from Rivals and ESPN and moves into their Top 100s. Devin Davis and Collin Hartman earn their 3rd star from ESPN.


Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Austin Colbert PF NJ 4 3 4
Malcolm Hill SG IL 4 4 4
Maverick Morgan C OH 3 3 3
Kendrick Nunn SG IL 4 4 4
Jaylon Tate PG IL 3 3 3

Austin Colbert adds 4th star from ESPN. Jaylon Tate adds 3rd star from ESPN.


Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Mark Donnal PF OH 4 4 4
Zak Irvin SF IN 5 4 4
Derrick Walton PG MI 4 4 4

Zak Irvin gets his 5th star from Rivals.


Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Bryson Scott SG IN 4 4 3
Basil Smotherman SF IN 4 3 3
Kendall Stephens SG IL 4 4 4

Basil Smotherman gets a 4th star from Rivals.


Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Vitto Brown PF OH 3 3 2
Riley Dearring SF MN 3 3 3
Nigel Hayes PF OH 3 3 4
Jordan Hill SG CA NR NR 2
Bronson Koenig PG WI 4 4 3

Nigel Hayes moves into the ESPN 100. Bronson Koenig drops to 3-stars on ESPN.

Ohio State

Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Marc Loving PF OH 4 4 4
Kameron Williams SG MD 4 4 4

No changes for Ohio State.

Penn State

Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Payton Banks SF CA 3 3 2
Julian Moore PF PA 3 3 2
Geno Thorpe PG PA 3 3 3
Graham Woodward PG MN 3 NR 2

Julian Moore drops to 2-stars on ESPN.


Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Nick Fuller SF WI 3 3 3
Nathan Hawkins SG TX 3 3 3
Leslee Smith PF KS NR NR NR
Tai Webster PG New Zealand NR NR 4

Nebraska adds JUCO Leslee Smith. Nebraska also picked up a preferred walk-on in Tim Wagner but we’ll only track the scholarship players.

Michigan State

Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Gavin Schilling PF IL 3 3 3

MSU finally gets a 2013 commit from Gavin Schilling.


Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Peter Jok SF IA 3 3 3

No change for Iowa.


Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Nate Taphorn SF IL 3 3 3

Jaren Sina decommits after the firing of Bill Carmody.


Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Daquein McNeil SG MD 3 3 2

Alvin Ellis and Alex Foster decommitted after the coaching change. Richard Pitino gets his first commit in McNeil.

Ranking Explanations

Every player is given a normalized score on a 100 point scale for each of the three major scouting services. That score breaks down like this:

Player Score
100 = 5* Player
95 = 4* and top 50 player
90 = 4* player not in top 50
85 = Top 150 player or top 30 at position
80 = Top 40 at position
75 = Top 50 at position or 3* player unranked at his position
70 = Top 75 at position
65 = Top 100 at position or 2* player unranked at his position
60 = Top 300 player or 1* player unranked at his position
50 = Player who has no star rating or position ranking

That much is relatively simple. Those scores are combined into two cumulative metrics: Class Average Score and Class Cumulative Score.

  • Class Average Score: Average normalized scores by service multiplied by the square root of the number of commitments/3.25 (13 total scholarships over 4 years) as well as our additional factor the square root of average ranking over 3.
  • Class Cumulative Score: Sum of all normalized score for all recruits based on all services

The system is far from perfect but we favor the current system to generate some sort of consistent, objective basis for comparing classes.

Special thanks to Trent Montemayor for compiling all of the data.

  • Cary bear

    I know rivals rankings are final, are the others final as well?

  • jblair52

    Not joined for B10 competition yet but Maryland grabbed a couple good players. Roddy Peters looks like he could be a STUD

  • mikey_mac

    Really like UM’s 2013 class. Lots of work left to do for 2014’s, though.

  • Champswest

    You could argue that Michigan has the best class, diminished only be quantity.

  • AADave

    Wow, Indiana’s pulling in a great class. How is Crean doing it? The more I hear about him, the less I like. He seems to be a total jerk.

    Illinois seems to have a solid class too.

    Although we don’t have as many recruits, the quality of our recruits seems to be the best in the Big Ten. So we should be thrilled with this year’s class.

    As for MSU, why has this year’s recruiting been so bad? Did they whiff on their top recruits? Are they still in the running for some top late recruits?

    Also, despite OSU’s two 4 star recruits, Matta doesn’t seem to have his usual recruiting magic this year with zero top 50 recruits.

    Did Kentucky’s near sweep of all the McDonald’s All-Americans hurt MSU’s and OSU’s recruiting this year?

    • A2JD

      spartie seemed to have put all their eggs in the Jabari Parker basket.

      • Steve2081

        And Demetrius Jackson.

    • mikey_mac

      I wonder the same thing about Crean, although perceptions of him are much different among IU fans. Perhaps his charisma outshines his douchebaggery among recruits as well. Certainly can’t be the goofy haircut and ill-fitting suits! [Claps loudly.]

      • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

        Not trolling here, but I came to this page through a link. This was a great breakdown of recruiting rankings for the conference by your guys and I enjoyed analyzing the numbers.

        As far as Crean and his perception I will say this. I get it that fans of other programs are always going to have their opinions about opposing coaches. However, Coach Crean has put everything he has in giving us back what matters most to us, and that is a blue chip top tier program that continues to build its tradition instead of resting on it. For that I am very thankful. I am sure you feel the same about Coach Hoke reloading your football program. I say reloading because your football program was no where near where our basketball program was when we really had to rebuild by definition. Your football program to our basketball program is very comparative when it comes to a measure of passion alone.

        As for us results continue to grow and some people may take Coach Crean the wrong way or be very critical of certain things that he does, wears, or cuts his hair. With that said I can tell you that I appreciate his efforts and where we are heading. We all make mistakes and all can all improve in life. I fully expect Coach Crean to always improve as he furthers his career. I enjoy him leading our program and the results he has brought so far continue me to be very confident in him and his staff.

        On a side note I was pulling for UM in the title game to bring a National Championship back to the Big Ten and to your campus. As good as the Big Ten was this year it was not very fitting that everyone came up short in the tournament. Congratulations on a very successful season though and being the national runner up is nothing to sneeze at. It was a lot of fun for my family to watch when IU and UM played this past season and look forward to many more of those thrilling games in the future.

        • LongtimeFan77

          Great post. Thanks for your insights. Thanks also for your reasoned view of the competitive environment. I am pleased when the Big Ten does well. Would have liked to see Ohio and IU do better for the sake of our reputation. Look forward to great IU / UM games in the future.

          • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

            No problem. I can’t begin to explain Indiana’s faltering down the stretch run. They were hyped too much in my opinion. Top 5 team yes. Dominant #1 team in the country? No. ESPN needed that powerhouse and the chose to throw it on Indiana and roll the hype machine based on their own needs. We weren’t ready for that, nor deserving to be #1 as many weeks as we were. At some points yes, but even after a loss when everyone else lost we still should have fell. Collapse? I think the Minnesota game was so physical some screws were knocked loose at that point and then the rest of the season we just never got back playing our game.

            Hey there is one big thing we have in common. That is we all can’t stand the SEC right? I live in Southern Indiana about 10 minutes out of Louisville, KY so all I have to hear about from the Louisville media is UK this and UK that or Louisville this or Louisville that. So it is just as bad as with the Big East and the SEC as well for me.

          • Ole Man

            We weren’t over-hyped. And we did deserve to be number one all those weeks.
            There are many speculative reasons as to why we lost; but I don’t include hype among them.
            And for a Hoosier fan, you sure do put the team down.

          • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

            At no point was I putting us down. Did you see any insults, names, or jabs in my statements?

            Just because my perception of the team and this past season is different than yours does not mean I was automatically putting us down. Speculative reasons yes, but the mental game today is massively different than it ever has been. Being over hyped can add gross amounts of undue mental pressure. Frankly I would have rather been underlying and off the radar a lot more than we were. Just because you wear the target does not mean you can handle it or are deserving to wear it. Being ranked at all during the season never earns you a championship. If you are not mentally prepared to carry the load of being over hyped then odds are there will be no championship. No championships means all the number 1 weekly rankings in the world do not mean a damn thing. If you cannot see that and understand the dynamics of that then respectfully I doubt we would ever agree.

          • Ole Man

            You’re right, we will never agree. You don’t respond well to pressure, so that is your take on the season. I say pressure is something the other people have to worry about.
            But thanks for the rant. Quite entertaining.
            And keep your Psych 101 babble to yourself from now on.

            Indiana was really good. They deserved every accolade and earned it. So stop trashing last years team. And saying that team was over hyped is trash talk. I would expect that from pUKe fans, but not our own.

          • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

            You have no idea about me personally or what I respond to. I have raced motorcycles professionally at 170-200 mph my whole adult life. Do not talk to me about pressure or what I can or can’t handle.

            Again you are misunderstanding my comments. It is not possible to agree until you understand my point. You have yet to do that, so you are again out of line. When it comes to Indiana I carry myself, my institution, and our reputation very seriously and with class at all times. Quote me on that if you like. I wish you would let this go, but you keep attacking me and I DO expect more than that from a fellow IU fan.

          • Ole Man

            Okay; then praise last year’s team instead of dissing them.
            I’m only defending that team.

    • Kenny

      I think that Izzo is having a tough time ahead of him. The competition level is total different with both M and Indiana back to the top tier, and are more attractive to the recruits because of their highly efficient offenses and how they let freshmen play.

  • Steve2081

    That Illinois class is very solid. Especially considering Groce put it together in about 6 months. But now way would I trade them classes.

    • rlcBlue

      Groce has certainly hit the ground running. That class does show why Illinois will always be considered a plum coaching job – even in a year when you get a late start and the best prospect won’t acknowledge your existence, you can still grab two 4* and a 3* in state.

  • PeteM

    Looking the top 3, I agree that Indiana has an incredible class, and understand that this model of ranking classes follows the one at mgoblog, weighting the number of recruits along with average star ranking. That said, I really don’t think that Illinois’ class is better than Michigan’s. Our best two players are ranked ahead of theirs. If Beilein wanted to or needed to add a 3 star for depth I suspect he could. In football, with the wider discrepancies in class size, controlling for size this way makes more sense but I think for classes 3 players or above I would just go with player ranking.

  • Rodrico

    Isn’t Zak the last five star on espn?

    • This is the old post.. I linked it for the top ten.. Technically Zak would see a slight bump but the order of the top ten wouldn’t change. Everything is updated in the old post.