Tuesday Bullets: Beilein stops in on Devin Booker

Dylan Burkhardt
  • jblair52

    Any shot with Looney? Sounds like he’d be a great “4” in Beilein’s typical stretch offense.

    • A2JD

      Looney looks like a SF for the NBA that can play PF in college, kind of like Jabari Parker or, going further back, Shareef Abdur-Rahim. He’s got talent and I hope he has a strong interest in Michigan.

      • deSal

        or GR3

        • A2JD

          Sort of. Tre’ was playing out of position, though. Looney is a long 6’8″. He’s more suited to playing PF than Tre’ is.

  • gpsimms

    Blake McLimans transferring to Miami of Ohio. Good luck to him. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t try to talk him into staying since there is so much turnover on the scout team. Maybe they did, and he wants to get a year of free grad school and some playing time. Seems like a good move for him.

    • Can’t blame a kid for wanting to play.

      • gpsimms

        Sorry. Nevermind. Think I read that wrong.

        • Was mostly just agreeing with you.

          • gpsimms

            Right. I realize that … now. : )

      • mikey_mac

        Especially after Iverson escaped Tubby’s wilderness to be a Honorable Mention All-American at CSU … Playing time is out there for 7-footers

        • gpsimms

          I always loved Iverson. I have no idea why Sampson got so much more playing time at Minnesota. Sampson was such a wimp/softy, while Iverson played with so much toughness.

  • Mattski

    I know that I’m probably in the minority on this, but expending tens of thousands of air and travel miles in courting a kid you know you want, like Booker–mostly (apparently) as a form of courtship–is to me both wildly expensive and unseemly. I’d like to see what the air travel bill looks like if and when you haul in a player like him. Love my team, but at a time when the legislature can’t come up with money for student tuition?

    • AADave

      I agree. I love Beilein and love college basketball but the finances of college basketball (and college sports in general) are totally crazy. Jetting around the country to recruit players is a ridiculous waste of money but so is the millions spent on coaching salaries.

      • Dr_ZC

        Coaches are well compensated. They get their salary from the University, but they also get money from shoe and apparel contracts, camps, radio and TV shows, and who knows what else.

    • Jay z

      Seriously? It’s a drop in the bucket, man.

      • Mattski

        I get it; I get it. We’ve all heard the rationale 1,000 times over. But going to see the guy play 20 times–if you can’t admit that such a system is a little bit messy. . . All kinds of dumb stuff gets rationalized in this world. . . but you want to keep your bullshit detector in operation, too.

    • sane1

      I agree and it goes for football, too. I’m the biggest college hoops fan there is, but traveling thousands of miles to attend a workout is ridiculous even it is expected nowadays.

      • Kenny

        it may sounds crazy, but college sports are business, and there is cost of doing business. If high school kids travels thousands of miles to play ball, why not college coaches can not travel thousands of miles to watch them.

        • Northern Blue

          Exactly. Beilien is bringing in more money into the University of Michigan with a better product on the floor. If he has to travel the country to find that talent that is what he has to do. Every other coach is doing it, and I do recall a certain Californian recruit leaving a big mark on the program and helping get it to where it is now.

      • WolverineAlex

        I always look at the alternative. Stay home save the money, recruit players that are mostly from the Ann Arbor area. Team will probably have a losing record every year, because the pool of available players is too small, attendance and merchandise sale falls, program starts losing money, University shuts down the program. No more hoops to watch but at least no travel expenses.

    • Guest

      Michigan Athletic Department’s budgets are totally separate from the university’s budgets. They get more freedom on what to do with the money than pretty much every other athletic departments. One of the few exceptions that the regents have control is the hiring of coaching and facility approval.

      None of it affect student’s tuition at all.

      • Mattski

        I know they’re separate. And I know that this is the game as it is played. But for me personally that doesn’t justify it. It’s a world full of contradictions, and this is only one, but still. . .he and the staff will have gone to watch this kid 20-plus times, and the total cost will obviously be upward of–what–five-to-ten grand? Seems possible. I am a huge Beilein fan and suspect that he sees the incongruity himself. . ..

        • Cary Bear

          I mean have you seen what other things the athletic department spends it’s excess money on…of all the things to get worked up about recruiting expenses are not really the best to pick on. Plus, I’m sure unlike some other expenses, players like Booker recuperate their recruiting “investment” 10x fold for the university. What do you propose, then? I see no alternative unless you radically overhaul the entire collegiate athletics arena.

    • mbball fan

      Yes, it is absurd on the surface, BUT it is well worth it considering it costs pennies compared to the revenue the program generates (through the players they recruit) for the University.

    • Brian

      Hey look! It’s a member of the corduroy jacket w/patch clan.

      • Mattski

        Going the ad hom route is an admission of defeat. I think most people can see the absurdity in it without having to give up meat. . . or their love for the basketball team. I was an RC punk, perhaps before you were born, so don’t give me the corduroy jacket stuff. I do have a doctorate in ecology, though. . . so. . . partially correct? If Bill Snyder gets it, so can you.

        • Dr_ZC

          AOS Dept? After 1986?

        • David DeMember

          Bill Snyder still signed that huge contract… So ya, he “gets it” still…

  • A2JD

    Good for Blake. He got to be a part of a great team at a great school and now gets a chance for minutes at a mid-major.

  • Champswest

    It would be interesting to follow up with Blake after next year and get his thoughts on his Michigan experience (run to the championship game) and getting playing time with Miami. Good luck to him. I hope he cracks the rotation.

  • AADave

    Good luck to McLimans. It does open up room for Wiggins (#1 player this year)!

    Just kidding, of course. I don’t think we have a legitimate shot at Wiggins and I would prefer avoiding definite one and done players like him.

  • sane1

    Zimmerman has Beilein written all over him.

    • TKWolverine

      From your fingers to God’s ear, sane1.

    • Steve2081

      Did he fall asleep at a party?

      • Brick93

        He likes subs.

  • Northern Blue

    How much longer does everyone think Beilein realistically stays. 5 more years until retirement? There aren’t too many coaches older than 65 around the country and he seems like a family man, atleast as much as a college coach could be.

    • UM Hoops Fan

      My guess is that Beilein coaches for at least another 8-10 years. He seems to be in great shape, to crave activity, and to finally be in a position to recruit at a high level for an extended period of time in a community he loves. Coach K and Boeheim are 66 and 68 respectively. Bo Ryan is 65. Unless JB were to rattle off 3 national championships, I’d put the floor at 5 years and think that 8-10 is more likely. I could see him staying on in the AD after that.

  • beelza

    I woud really like to see the obscene jet fuel bill for Bill Gates and his private jet feet. He flies around the world generating bilions in revenue. But, the 30K dollar fuel bill per trip seriously threatens the short-term viability of the enterprise.

    • rlcBlue

      Bill Gates has jet feet? I’m surprised this isn’t a bigger story.

  • Steve2081

    Looks like coach is stopping off in Chicago on his way back. Hopefully he keeps going north and checks out Looney as well.

    58m #Michigan and #Creighton will watch 2015 F Evan Boudreaux tonight. http://247sports.com/Player/Evan-Boudreaux-22891 … @ny2lasports @jerrymeyer247 @Mgobluegr

    • Beilein actually in Indianapolis watching Bluiett today per Kyle Nedderniep. Suspect an assistant is checking out Evan.

  • fresh

    new 2013 prospect……..Gabe Levin………post grad ………..seems like a novak type but taller and bigger………..is there any legitimacy to this kid being a prospect?…….i really like his videos……….anybody know more about this?