Video: John Beilein, Bacari Alexander on McGary and Robinson returning


John Beilein and Bacari Alexander were both available to speak with media individually following the press conference on Thursday. You can watch interviews with both coaches using the embedded media players below.

Bacari Alexander after the jump.

  • Nick

    Bacari just hinted that, while they want skill development that will allow Glenn and Mitch to thrive at the 3 and 4 spot respectively, they will also play a fair chunk of their minutes at their original spots next year.

    Coach B has a balancing act to work between having the size to be solid defensively against bigger teams and playing a Glenn-Mitch-Jordan type combo at the 3-4-5 spots while also maintaining enough spacing to keep the offensive flow going.

    But I sense we will still see plenty of the Nik/Irvin(3)-Glenn(4)-Mitch/Jomo/jon(5) frontline combo when playing guard oriented teams or against bigger teams as a means of changing the tempo and unclogging the offense.

    It’s a debate between JB’s longstanding offensive philosphy and an attempt to get Michigan’s wealth of frontcourt talent enough minutes. I for one, am more interested to see how Beilein manages this question than perhaps anything I’ve seen him do at Michigan. Next year should be fascinating.