Video: Jeff Meyer, LaVall Jordan on Tim Hardaway Jr.’s decision to enter the NBA draft


Michigan’s assistant coaches were available to discuss Tim Hardaway Jr.’s decision to enter the NBA draft in lieu of finishing out his final season at Michigan. You can watch interviews with Jeff Meyer and LaVall Jordan using the embedded media players below.

Coach Jordan after the jump.

  • Derek Anguilm

    I haven’t watched Meyer interviewed before, but does anyone else read any nervousness about the other 2 guys leaving in his answers and mannerisms? Or is he always nervous and fidgety like that? #GOBLUE

    • Jason Burt

      I was just going to post same thing. After watching that video, I believe that GRIII and Mitch are gone as well. Only talks about summer development for Nik, Spike, and Caris

      • UM Hoops Fan

        THJr played the 2. Neither Mitch nor GRIII are going to play the 2 next year if they stay. He was commenting on replacing THJr. That’s why Meyer also didn’t mention Bielfeldt, Horford, or Morgan’s summer development.

        • Derek Anguilm

          I thought that too but figured I’d ask b/c it seemed paired with what seemed like uneasiness and fidgeting – but he may always be a fidgety dude – so if that is the case – then i agree there is nothing to read into it.